WSOP apologizes for tweet

LAS VEGAS – It’s that time of the year again when poker players from around the world converge on the Rio for the annual World Series of Poker. It’s also that time of year when WSOP incompetence takes center stage for all the world to see.

In an effort to clear the air of past mistakes before cards are dealt, the World Series of Poker management team wanted to address a controversial tweet from the past that still haunts the company:

In an interview with Bonus Code Poker, WSOP spokeswomen Beth Zalansky addressed the tweet by calling it ‘embarrassing.’ And now she wants to set the record straight with players.

WSOP comes clean

In response to the four-year controversy, Zalansky has finally apologized to WSOP customers, adding that there was some confusion related to the tweet. “The World Series of Poker Board of Directors knew immediately after that tweet was posted that we had a problem,” Zalansky recalled.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment wants to clarify that it is not just the first day of the prestigious World Series of Poker that we do not care about player complaints. We do not want to hear any complaints from players at any point during the series.

Asked if that meant that WSOP strives to operate a perfect poker tournament, Zalansky responded, “Absolutely not, Bob. Is your name, Bob? It’s not that we don’t care about the first day, it’s that we don’t care, period.”

Bonus Code Poker inquired as to how the WSOP could improve its product if it did not listen to feedback from customers that pay thousands of dollars in rake to the company. Zalansky replied, “Do you know who we are? We’re the bleeping WSOP. We don’t get our life advice from a poker player.”

She later added, exhausted, “Any player that has an issue with our policies can go play on Lock Poker.”

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