crowd of peopleAfter two consecutive enormously successful years running the Colossus, a $500 buy-in at the World Series of Poker which has attracted massive attendance, the WSOP has announced that 2017 will feature the Behemoth.

If you want to play in the Behemoth, you can expect:

  • $200 buy-in – the lowest for a bracelet event ever
  • One registration line attendant for signing up
  • All Rio food options will be closed so restaurant employees can temporarily become dealers
  • All but 1 restroom will be closed to make room for additional tables
  • Tables will be played 20-handed

In order to get 20 players at a table, each table will have 10 chairs, and each chair will support 2 players. Seat assignments will include the letter T or B to denote whether you’ll be seated on Top of or on the Bottom of another player.

“It’s the next logical step in tournaments” stated one WSOP executive. “The success of the Colossus is proof that poker players don’t care about being cramped together or hungry, and they certainly don’t care about waiting in long lines.”

“We’re experimenting with the concept of an even smaller buy-in, but setting up the shacks in the Rio parking lot so the city has enough available beds is a logistical problem we probably won’t solve until 2018.”

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