Following a series of customer complaints, the WSOP announced today that all players who cash in events will receive the middle finger from staff as they collect their winnings.

The new policy also requires staff to tell players “you should have played better.”

A popular tweet may have influenced the decision:

We asked a WSOP spokesperson to comment on the changes.

Well it seems like we can’t win no matter what we do. Even just “being polite to customers” has found a way to piss off these poker-playing jerks, so f**k ’em.

He continued to explain that poker players are masochists who miss the feeling of pain when they earn money.

Other pros took to social media. Some popular opinions included:

  • “I only feel alive when I’m struggling to pay the rent, so I appreciate the new changes.”
  • “I hate the WSOP because I hate them.”
  • “Nothing pisses me off more than being handed money, except MAYBE being treated with respect.”

Poker pro Allen Cunningham also had something to say, but we’re told by our editors we can’t print it here. And we’re allowed to print a lot.

As a response to the debacle, we’re told that PartyPoker has also decided to stop congratulating winning players. The World Poker Tour has released a statement that they were the FIRST company to stop congratulating winning players, and that everyone else is just copying their style.

A group of entitled high-stakes players has also decided to boycott the upcoming 2019 WSOP, an idea that was immediately embraced by the series:

You think we don’t talk to PokerStars? Oh, we talk. Bring on the boycott.

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