Poker InvestigationEd Turrentine, 68, has demanded an investigation from the Nevada Gaming Control Board after his pocket aces were beaten in a $1/2 no-limit game during Turrentine’s vacation at Bellagio last month. According to Mr. Turrentine, some “young buck” stayed in with J9s, and managed to hit two pair on the turn.

“That damn kid cost me $215 – what was he playing J9 for?” Turrentine said bitterly. “I waited three-and-a-half hours for that hand!”

The angry recreational player first addressed his concerns with the dealer at the table, requesting the floor “check the tape.” When rebuffed, he demanded the floor to come to the table anyway, along with a new set-up for the table.

Though Bellagio’s staff fulfilled his request for new cards, both the floor and the poker room manager agreed with the dealer’s decision to both deal an Aces-beating hand AND award the pot to the player who played it.

“I was of the belief that pocket aces was the best hand in the game.” Turrentine complained. “Both books AND the internet have since confirmed that belief. That’s why I called the NGCB.”

Representatives from the Nevada Gaming Control Board refused to comment about any ongoing investigations. However, this is not Turrentine’s first encounter with the commission – he unsuccessfully lobbied the board to outlaw check-raising two years ago.

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