PokerStars GG Poker WSOP

PokerStars CEO Damian McGuire sat in his 10th-floor office staring out upon the crashing waves of the Irish Sea. His fingers were wrapped gently around a glass of scotch as he pondered whether players would play Spin N Gos where first place was just your money back.

Suddenly, the oaken double doors burst open as Matthias, an entry-level programmer, came bustling forth.

“M’lord, I have urgent news from the internet!” he exclaimed.

“Quiet, Matthias,” responded McGuire, holding up one finger. “It’s almost dinner time.”

“But, sir! It’s GGPoker! They’ve had a server crash during the WSOP. Tournaments have been delayed!”

McGuire glided across the room, swiftly snatching the paper from Matthias’ unclean hands. He unrolled the scroll, his eyes flashing hungrily as they traveled back and forth across its words.

“What a pity,” he said softly. “Delayed tournaments will cost the company millions… Perhaps their players will realize PokerStars software is still the supreme power in the gaming world. Perhaps the WSOP will realize the error they’ve made. Perhaps…”

He tossed the scroll into the fire, his eyes reflecting the blaze.

“M’lord! But what shall I tell the others!? What is your decree?”

“Send an e-mail to the council. Tell them… we have a brand new type of Spin N Go.”

Matthias left the room as quickly as he had entered. Damian McGuire returned to his executive chair overlooking the sea. The sun was setting on the Isle of Man. And the tide was coming in.

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