The Internet – First, some background: GGPoker recently confiscated over $180,000 from high-stakes poker pro Tobias “dudd1” Duthweiler for “winning against worse players,” which we thought was kind of the point of the game.

Fedor Holz, a poker pro and representative of the site, was quick to defend it:

“This is absolutely not the same as the tens of millions of dollars I’ve won playing inferior players. Not at all. See, my name is Fedor and his name is Tobias. We’re two totally different people. It’s so strange you guys would even suggest it’s basically the same thing when so many details are different.”

We asked why he didn’t feel the site had freerolled Duthweiler.

“Well he got his $50,000 deposit back. They only stole the money he won. Wait, did I just say ‘stole’? I meant ‘lawfully confiscated on totally reasonable grounds.’ Anyway, though, I think it’s pretty important that they gave his deposit back because that’s why it’s OK.”

Main Event Announcement

In a move that surprises literally no one, GGPoker has now announced that the 1st-place prize in its currently-running $5,000 buy-in WSOP Online Main Event will be over $5 million – of which, you’ll be allowed to keep your $5,000 buy-in. Victory also comes with a permanent site ban.

We asked Fedor for his thoughts.

“See, I spent an afternoon with the GGPoker team this one time, and they were super nice. They had pretty sweet catering for lunch and a beautiful view from their Curacao offices. And just like the sponsored pros at Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and others – I can absolutely assure you that based on my one afternoon with these guys, they are totally legit and wouldn’t do anything wrong. Also you’ll get your $5k back and that makes it OK.”

He later clarified on Twitter:

Seems legit.

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