Bodog – the online poker room responsible for such casual-player-friendly features as anonymous user names – shocked the poker world today with the introduction of its latest innovation: Invisible Flops.

For now, only specially marked tables will have Invisible Flops, but the feature will soon be expanded to all cash games and tournament tables at Bodog.

How Invisible Flops work

The concept behind Invisible Flops is incredibly simple: Instead of dealing a flop in games like Holdem and Omaha, Bodog’s virtual dealers will place three blank cards where the flop would normally go.

Hole cards, the turn and the river will all remain visible, as indicated by the screenshot below:

Bodog Poker Invisible Flops

The flop will still exist for the purposes of determining the outcome of the hand, but will never be seen by players.

Visible flops provided “too great an advantage” for skilled players

In a press release announcing the new feature, Bodog Poker Room Manager Herbert Courverlier explained the rationale behind Invisible Flops.

“We know that so-called sharks will use any and all information to gain an edge over poor, unsuspecting casual players,” said Courverlier.

“And when we started breaking down the information these ruthless predators exploited the most,” Courverlier continued, “it became obvious that knowledge of the cards on the flop was the source of much of the sharks disgusting edge over their victims.”

“In short,” Courverlier, “the visible flop had to go.”

Competing rooms hoping to ride off trend

Invisible Flops is already inspiring similar features at rival rooms.

For example, ACR is reportedly considering the introduction of an actual, functioning “one time” button.

And, never one to be outdone, Lock Poker has already announced the launch of their latest game-changer: Imaginary Cashouts.