Lock Poker logoCuraçao — A sensational new promotion from Lock Poker: the troubled online poker site is now offering players a 10,000,000% bonus on any deposit.

News of the promotion came via Lock Poker PR head Shawn Bradges. “We need players to deposit at Lock,” said Bradges.

Lock is facing ongoing criticism for onerous cash out restrictions and slow processing times.

“Did I say need?” Bradges continued.

“I didn’t mean need, I meant … we would like the deposits. No, ha ha, no, we certainly don’t need the money, heavens no,” said Bradges, who sounded as if he was boarding a small plane for an unknown destination with limited extradition during our call.

Mega-VIP deposit options

To facilitate deposits, Lock Poker is also introducing “Mega-VIP” deposit options. Some features of Mega-VIP:

  • A Lock Pro will come to your house to pick you your deposit (25% surcharge if it’s Mizrachi, 10% for Annette).
  • Deposits can be made with cash, money order, credit card, traveler’s checks, confederate dollars, Pullman scrip, North Korean Won, US “Hawaiian” Dollar, German Behelfszahlungsmittel and Chinese Old Jen Min Piao Yuan.
  • Checks are not accepted. Just kidding – they’ll take any scrap of paper with a number and your name on it.

An additional perk for players who use Mega-VIP deposit: Their deposit bonus is only subject to 500x play-through on casino games instead of usual 20000x.

Below: Screenshot of promotion from Lock Poker webpage


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