pre-loved casino gifts

Looking for pre-loved casino gifts? We’ve got lots of ideas that encapsulate the glitz and glamour of casinos.

We’ve curated the perfect collection of unique, pre-loved gifts that are sure to delight any casino enthusiast. From vintage playing cards to retro slot machines, these aren’t just gifts. They’re treasures with stories to tell. So find that perfect gift and make your loved one’s heart race like a high-stakes casino game!

1. Deal ’em up

Let’s start with a classic in the genre of pre-loved casino gifts, shall we? Vintage playing cards are always a hit. They ooze nostalgia and class. And they are perfect if your friend is a big fan of casino card games like baccarat or blackjack. Obviously, you can play with them. But they’re also perfect for display as a cool, retro decoration. Start your hunt on Etsy for some great options.

2. Reel ’em in

Want a statement piece for your friend? A retro slot machine is a bold choice in the pre-loved casino gifts arena. It’s perfect for a home game room and as long as they have the space to fit it in, who wouldn’t love it? For a bulky item like this, we’d recommend heading over to Facebook Marketplace to see if someone in your local area is selling one.

3. Stack ’em up

Step up your game with antique casino chips, one of the failsafe pre-loved casino gifts, in our opinion. These tactile items are a collector’s dream. Imagine the tales they could tell! Whether you want to just play chip tricks with them or splash out on a whole set, your friend is going to love these. There are tonnes of options you can find online, especially on the likes of eBay.

4. Read ’em and weep

We have to confess that here at, we’re real book worms. That’s why casino reads really tickle our fancy as one of the greatest pre-loved casino gifts. Knowledge is power and all that. See if you can dig out a first (or early) edition of a classic and gift it to your bud. Visit your local book store to see what they have in stock.

5. Put ’em up

Casino-themed wall art is always a winner. Especially if you go with cool posters that reflect the rich history of Las Vegas or other big casino towns. Or why not go even bigger and try to find an old casino sign? Stylish and timeless, they’re going to add a touch of glamour to your friend’s home or office for sure! No one’s going to forget these pre-loved casino gifts!

6. Dress ’em up

Make sure your pal is dressed to impress with vintage casino apparel. Think old-school Vegas jackets or even retro dealer vests, if they’ve got a quirkier style. These fashion statements can be shown off as casual wear, or maybe even as an authentic touch to a casino themed party.

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And a few more gift ideas…

Whether you’re looking for more casino ideas, or want to pick up something for poker or sports lovers, we’ve got it all wrapped up in these gift guides: