As Ultimate Poker dealt the first hand of legal, regulated online poker in the U.S. today, the rest of the poker world responded with a flood of condescending, sarcastic and utterly patronizing compliments for their American counterparts.

“Congratulations America,” said UK poker pundit Barty Carther. “You’re now one-fiftieth of the way toward achieving the level of online poker availability we’ve had in Britain since 1999.”

Ultimate Poker is only available to players located in Nevada.

“Actually,” Carther continued, “if you look at it population-wise, you’re actually only .8% there. But well done regardless!”

Players from other countries were no kinder. “Oh, that’s cute,” said a Canadian online poker pro when shown the Ultimate Poker software.

“It’s just like a real online poker site. Except without any features. Or VIP program. Or players. But it’s a start, eh?”

Sweden’s official Twitter account also took time to mock the “big news”:


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