bovada bot accounts

Wow, huge news out of Costa Rica or wherever Bovada is based! After a system-wide shutdown two days ago, offshore gambling giant Bovada wants to assure all their players that account balances belonging to the bots are 100% secure.

“All bots on our site can power down easy tonight knowing that their money is completely safe. We know how frustrating this is to them, but any bitterness they are feeling, know that we feel it twice as bad. I mean for starters, think of how much money this is costing us. Like, SO much money. Money money money,” wrote the company in an official press release.

Bovada (formerly Bodog) has been one of the major grey market sites for Americans ever since Black Friday. Currently, Ignition, ACR, Bovada, and your cousin’s Poker Bros site carry most of the volume for US Players.

Frustrations mount

But a shift in that power dynamic might occur quickly after this latest crash. Several players took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

“What bothers me the most is that Bovada seems to care more about the bots than the humans. Well, humans have feelings too pal!” wrote Dmitri Nobles.

“How am I going to Twitch stream tournaments instead of getting an actual job now?” voiced someone you’ve never heard of.

“I’ve never been so offended in my life,” added Justin Bonomo.

Alex Foxen weighed in with, “Funny, before the supposed Covid vaccine, Bovada never crashed. Now a mere 8 months after its release, Bovada shuts down. Coincidence? You tell me.”

Bovada later added that player account balances are secure as well, and also that they are “doing most of you losing mopes a favor” by being down these last couple of days.

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