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The offshore online poker market is back in the news again. And this time it’s not for a canceled tournament, bots or Americas Cardroom being terrible, incompetent and FUBAR. Instead, the latest controversy comes from Americas Cardroom CEO and dudebro Phil Nagy saying stupid shit once again.

During a recent “Slut Pulls” stream — we wish we were making this up — Nagy repeatedly made disparaging comments about women. One of the comments getting the most attention is related to Nagy offering poker player Ruben Costa a sponsorship deal at ACR if he would let him borrow his girlfriend, WeePro83, a pro at Americas Cardroom.

So in the wake of the controversy, all poker fans are demanding action from Phil Nagy, right? Nope, instead, some are putting the attention on Americas Cardroom ambassador Vanessa Kade. In the wake of the controversy, poker fans are calling for HER to resign from her role at the poker room. Because of reasons.

Chris Moneymaker, who recently had to defend the online poker room that he is sponsored by for tournament cancelations, once again provided a now-familiar explanation. “I still have no idea what’s happening, but I am 100% sure ACR is doing great.”

ACR CEO adds sexism to list of reasons not to play on ACR

Once the news went public, Nagy apologized to Ruben on Twitter. He also posted a lengthy apology on his feed on Wednesday saying he has no excuses and is “saddened to have complicated [Kade’s] life”. There is no word yet on if he intends to apologize to every single ACR poker player for “complicating” their life as well.

While the apology left hope for healing, some serious doubts remain after word got out that a new banner had been installed in the ACR employee break room on Thursday with a new mission statement:

“More Withdrawal Issues, More Canceled Tournaments, Overt Sexism, and F*ck You.”

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