What Is Self-Exclusion?

By Christine
October 24, 2023

We all know that gambling can turn into a problem for some people. It is a sad, but unavoidable, truth. If you think you have a gambling problem or think you might be developing one, you need to stop and you need to get help. We’re going to talk you through one way of stopping, via self-exclusion on gambling sites.

How does self-exclusion on gambling sites work?

Self-exclusion on gambling sites works by preventing you from gambling at a particular site for a long period of time. Depending on the site, it could be 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years. Or else, it could be indefinite.

On some sites when you self-exclude you can’t use any gambling products at all. On other sites, you can choose what products you want to self exclude from. So that could be sports betting, casino games or poker.

If the site you’re self-excluding from has sister companies, your self-exclusion might cover those sites too. If it doesn’t, it’s best to self-exclude from those sites too.

If you know you have a gambling problem, you should choose the option to self-exclude indefinitely from all forms of gambling.

What happens to your account when you self-exclude?

When you choose to self-exclude, you can’t use your account for betting  during your self-exclusion period. However, you can still log in and withdraw your balance whenever you want.

You won’t be able to re-open your account until your self-exclusion period is finished. And you also won’t be able to open any new accounts. If you do manage to do so, those accounts will be shut down as soon as they’re detected.

How do you self-exclude?

Depending on the site, you can self-exclude by either going to your account settings and/or by contacting customer services. If you have any problems finding how to self-exclude or you have any specific questions about what will happen to your account, contact customer services.

Stopping unwanted emails and notifications

An important part of self-excluding is limiting your contact with online gambling sites. Most sites will remove you from marketing emails as soon as you self-exclude. If you continue to receive emails, make sure you unsubscribe.

You should also uninstall any gambling apps on your phone and unfollow all gambling sites on your social media accounts.

Get help if you have a gambling problem

Self-exclusion on gambling sites will only get you so far if you think you have a gambling problem. Yes, it will take one avenue of gambling away from you, but it won’t address the route cause of the issue. And it can’t stop you from using other offline avenues to gamble.

So if you think you have a gambling problem or that you might develop one, it’s essential that you get the help you need. Likewise, if you think someone you love has a problem, there are resources to help you to help them.

Here are some places you can get help, depending on where you’re based:

Sometimes its easier to recognize others have a gambling problem. Check out some of the signs if you expect this may be the case.

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