Daniel Negreanu Doug Polk Heads-Up Match

Heads-up challenge match negotiations continued last late week between best buds, Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, with the latest hang-up involving the use of preflop hand charts (Polk wanted them, Negreanu didn’t).

According to Negreanu, the conditions for the match are already widely favorable to Polk, which was summarized in a Twitter rant:

New proposals?

Polk apparently acquiesced to the hand charts issue over the weekend, but early Monday morning Polk seemed to reverse course, by revealing a new set of demands that has some in the poker community scratching their heads.

Among the proposals that Polk has set forth include Negreanu having to wear a blindfold and don earplugs while playing the match.

Polk weighs in

BonusCodePoker was able to catch up with Polk for comment about the latest twist in the saga.

“Look, Doug Polk here. I’ve been trying to reach out to Negreanu for two months. NOW he responds and for some reason, a few minimal requirements have him up in arms.”

Speaking of arms, Polk also exclusively revealed to BCP he is mulling over asking Negreanu to tie his hands behind his back during the last half-hour of every match, should Negreanu be ahead in the session.

These are all things that are typical in the online poker game today, especially in heads-up matches. I am not sure where this entitled poker boomer is coming from in saying he shouldn’t have to wear a blindfold.

Polk says he should not be subjected to the same demands, citing unfairness in the match.

“Look, Doug Polk here again. I’ve been retired for two years. I barely know how to spell poker anymore. I’m doing him a favor by even playing this match.”

BonusCodePoker can confirm that his attempt to spell poker was “P-O-L-K-E-R.”

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