2+2 Weeps Over Discovery That GGPoker Is ‘Just Like All the Other Poker Sites’

Some 2+2ers have locked themselves in their rooms with tubs of ice cream and stacks of romantic comedies to cope with the…

Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu

Hellmuth Offers To Mediate Negreanu-Polk Spat

Will Phil Hellmuth and his Zen-like presence be enough to successfully mediate the ongoing feud between Daniel Negreanu and…

Mike Matusow slowroll

Matusow Suffers the Worst Slowroll Ever, Thank God

According to Mike Matusow, he recently suffered one of the worse slowrolls in the history of the World Series of Poker. We…

PokerStars GG Poker WSOP

Learning Of GGPoker Crash, PokerStars CEO Remarks ‘Pity,’ Sips Drink, Smiles Softly While Staring Across Ocean

"Revenge never tasted so sweet," whispers the CEO while seated atop a throne forged from broken keyboards.

WSOP Customer Support

New WSOP.com Customer Service Number Just Says “Deal With It” And Hangs Up

In an effort to address a totally predictable increase in phone calls for the WSOP Online Series this summer, WSOP.com has…

Casino Execs And Poker Pros Lament Lack of Ability To Dust Off Winnings At Craps Tables

World Series of Poker employees and players find common ground when discussing what they miss most about the WSOP in Vegas.

Phil Hellmuth WSOP 2020 Entrance

Phil Hellmuth To Dress Up As Roman Emperor For Walk From Bedroom To Computer Chair

Have no fear -- Phil Hellmuth is still set to stage a grand entrance for the 2020 WSOP Online Series this summer.

Doyle Brunson Set To Play WSOP Once He Fixes His Computer

The legendary poker pro from Texas may be able to play more WSOP events now that the series is taking place online... if he…

Mike Postle Cheating Case Dismissed

Mike Postle Working On Book Entitled “If I Did It”

MIke Postle says he didn't cheat, but if he did do it, this is how he would have, which is documented in a soon to be…

Absolute Poker, Full Tilt, UB, Mike Postle

Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton, And Mike Postle Also Forgive Those Who Questioned Their Integrity

Taking a cue from a recent Dan "Jungleman" Cates statement, Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton and Mike Postle have also decided…

Bill Perkins alledges cheating scandal panic

Poker World Demands Bigger, Sexier Cheating Scandals

Members of the poker community are demanding a "bigger, sexier" controversy after Bill Perkins' promises of a scandal "that…

Poker White Paper

As Players Have Suspected, New Study Confirms You Get More Walks With Pocket Aces

A new study and accompanying white paper has finally addressed some commonly held "superstitious" beliefs about poker - and…