Phil Laak is arguably the only poker player in the world who could get away with adopting the moniker of a domestic terrorist and still turn out as one of the most likable dudes you could ever hope to meet. Below, in no particular order, we explore just a few of the many faces of Phil Laak.conta

#7 Old Man Laak (2008)

Showing up in silly costumes became a bit of a thing once the WSOP expanded and being famous alone no longer guaranteed you camera time.  Laak took it a step further by ensuring he’d attract almost no attention at the table with this disguise:

Old man Laak

The WSOP added a new rule for 2009 that prohibited masks.

#6 Young Man Laak (1998)

This one really takes you back … to the days when Phil Laak looked absolutely nothing like Phil Laak.

Young Phil Laak

#5 Laak Busto (2010)

Bumps and bruises courtesy of a literal bad run on an ATV in 2010.

Busto Phil Laak
Credit: @RealPhilLaak

#4 Laak-o-Ween (2010?)

A bit more terrifying than the typical Laak fare, although it could be much worse – Mike Matusow could be under there, all sweaty and hairy and just generally Matusowy.

Scary Phil
Credit: Unknown. Contact us if this is your work.

#3 Laundry Day for Laak (2011?)

How else do you explain the yellow hoodie? Yellow?

Yellow Hoodie Phil
Credit: Unknown.

#2 The Most Interesting Laak in the World (2012)

Phil caught a good amount of flaak (see what we did there?) for making a sick call and then an even sicker muck of the best hand in the Party Poker Big Game. He took it with his usual good humor, even tweeting out this Laak-tweaked meme commemorating his poor decision:

Most Interesting Laak in the World
Credit: @RealPhilLaak

#1 A Full Rack for Laak (2010)

Bouncing back from the ATV beating, Laak took a new ‘do and a Union jack cast to the 2010 WSOPE, where he captured all the chips in in 6-max event to score his first bracelet.

Laak wins WSOP

What? You were expecting something else when we said “rack”? Something more like this?

We would never stoop so low.

Laak Fuller Rack
Credit: Wicked Chops