Joey Ingram has been delivering the goods lately. First, he gave poker fans a surprising interview with Phil Ivey — which he jokingly said he was tricked to give — now comes an interview with Tom Dwan that has been posted on the Poker King YouTube channel.

After years of being out of the poker limelight in favor of Asian high stakes private games, Tom Dwan has also been busy lately with a return to the poker world with high-profile poker appearances. Late last year he returned to the rebooted High Stakes Poker and just this week signed up to be the next opponent on High Stakes Duel, setting to go head to head with Phil Hellmuth.

Although it’s finally being released right now, the interview was recorded nine months ago. Ingram and Dwan touch on a large selection of poker topics including, his involvement with Poker King, high stakes private games as well as how to keep games fun and safe — and much more.

Here are some timestamps of some of the major topics during the one-hour and twenty-three-minute discussion.

0:20 An introduction of Tom Dwan, who needs no introduction.
2:29 – Did Tom Dwan think that he would still be involved in poker in his mid-thirties?
3:35 – His history of high stakes poker games in Macau and why he kept a lower profile.
9:09 – Tom Dwan talks about sponsorships and his newest role at PokerKing.
14:15 – Getting back into poker projects and trying out new things.
17:25 – Where does Dwan see of the future of himself and poker?
21:24 – Making the games more appealing to recreational players.
29:27 – How online poker rooms should handle innovation and advances in AI.
33:12 – Is poker becoming too stale?
38:00 – Is the WSOP Main event stale?
40:00 – Dwan and where his passion currently lies
42:30 – Security in poker could yield a new poker boom.
51:50 – GG Poker amoung poker rooms trying new things
54:00 – Setting a good foundation for poker
56:00 – High Stakes Poker
58:30 – The importance of new games and new ideas in poker
1:00:15 – Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth hand in High Stakes Poker
1:05:00 Triton Poker, Macau and why these Asian games have been so successful
1:07:30 – Characters and ambassadors in poker and why they are important
1:10:40 – Saying too much
1:14:10 – Does Tom Dwan have a future in YouTube or streaming?
1:15:40 – Poker and its role for bringing people together
1:19:53 – Tom Dwan’s biggest piece of poker advice