Bet365 Announces New All-In Cash Out Option For Bet365 Poker!

By Ian John
December 22, 2022

How many times have you gone heads up against another poker opponent, got yourself committed to the hand by making significant bets to swell the pot, only to realise when you are heads up and awaiting the turn of the River card, that the hand you thought was the strongest may well not be.

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing, but there are many times when the above has happened and players will sit there as the action unfolds and think “I wish I could have some of the money back that I’ve committed to this pot…”

Well now thanks to the new All-In Cash Out feature at bet365 Poker, you can!

Let’s learn about yet another brand-new innovation from bet365 Poker, which has come hot on the heels of the very popular “Run It Twice” option now being enjoyed by many players at the No Limit Hold’em tables

What Is The All-In Cash Out Feature at Bet365 Poker?

The All-In Cash Out feature is an option which can be triggered, if activated on a customers account, when a certain set of conditions are met in a hand of poker.

Once those conditions are met, the player will be offered the opportunity to ‘cash out’ their hand, rather than take their chances of winning or losing their hand (and thereby the entire pot) when the River card is displayed and the hand is completed.

The amount of money offered as a Cash Out to the player is based on their ‘hand equity’, which is the percentage chance the player has of winning the hand after the flop and turn cards have been displayed.

Essentially, this offer can be used as a kind of ‘safety net’ for players who may have gone all-in but as the hand has unfolded, their hand has proven to be weaker than their opponents, so by accepting the Cash Out offer, they at least get a chance of some of their money back.

However, a Cash Out offer can also be of a greater value than the amount of money a player has committed to a pot, so it also means that a player may guarantee themselves a profit on the hand by accepting the offer, in certain situations.

Accessing The All-In Cash Out Feature

This feature is only available in certain circumstances and they are:

  • There are two players remaining in the hand.
  • Both players have gone All-In
  • Only the Flop and Turn cards have been drawn, the River card is still to be drawn.
  • You have at least a 35% chance of winning the hand based on your hand equity.

The software recognises when the above four conditions are met and will trigger the All-In Cash Out option automatically.

Regardless of whether you accept the All-In Cash Out offer, or decline it, the hand will always be played to a completion.

However, if you accepted the All-In Cash Out offer, then if your hand wins, you won’t receive any additional winnings. You receive only the Cash Out offer amount.

If you turned down the Cash Out offer and your hand goes on to win, then you will receive the pot as you would in a standard hand of poker.

Remember, you need to be a bet365 customer in order to access the new All-In Cash Out option on the bet365 Poker site and there is a welcome bonus available for customers that sign up with bet365 Poker.

Let’s now take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions about this offer and also take a look at how it can be used to guarantee you a profit, in certain situations.

Bet365 Poker All-In Cash Out FAQs

When Can I Use The All-In Cash Out Feature?

The All-In Cash Out feature is available only on hands that meet the selected criteria:

  • There are two players left in the hand.
  • Both players have gone All In.
  • The River card is still to be drawn, so the Flop and Turn cards have been revealed.
  • You have a 35% chance or greater of winning the hand when the River card is shown.

It is only in situations such as these that the All-In Cash Out option will pop up on screen (if enabled) and allow you the option to cash out.

If I Cash Out What Do I Get Back?

If the All-In Cash Out option becomes available to you on a hand, then the amount you can cash out for depends on two factors:

  • The Amount of Money that has been committed to the pot
  • The % chance you have of winning the hand against your opponent (known as your hand equity)

For example, if the hand has generated a pot of €100 after you and one other player has gone All-In, then after the Flop and Turn cards have been displayed, your hand equity will be calculated by the bet365 software dependent on the cards that are displayed.

So, if at this point you have a 70% chance of winning the hand, then you will be offered €70 of the €100 in the pot as a cash out value.

However, if you are behind in the hand and only have a 40% chance of winning the hand, then you will be offered €40 of the €100 pot as a Cash Out option.

If you agree to cash out, then you receive the stated percentage of the pot as your Cash Out amount and then the hand will then continue.

Is The Cash Out Amount Based On How Much Money I’ve Put Into The Pot?

No, how much you have bet into the pot is not part of the calculation for the All-In Cash Out option.

It is only how likely your hand is to win in terms of the win percentage (equity) based on the cards showing that forms a key part of the calculation alongside the pot size.

So for example, if you have committed €50 to a €100 pot and your hand equity is 40%, then you will be offered €40 as a cash out value. However, if your hand equity is 60%, then you will be offered €60 as a cash out value.

As you can see, how much you have contributed to a pot is irrelevant to what the Cash Out feature will offer you.

What Happens If My Hand Goes On To Win And I’ve Used The All-In Cash Out Feature?

If you elect to use the Cash Out option or not, then the hand will always be completed by the reveal of the River card.

However, if you accept the Cash Out option, then regardless of what happens on the turn of the River card, you will not receive any further cash from the hand.

So, if you accept a cash out and the hand concludes and the River card reveals that you would have won the hand, then you do not receive the extra cash on top of the Cash Out amount you accepted.

However, the flip side of this is that if the River card is revealed and it turns out you would have lost the hand, then at least you have accepted the Cash Out amount and have not lost all your chips.

Do Bet365 Charge A Fee For Using the All-In Cash Out Feature?

No. Unlike other operators that offer a similar All-In Cash Out feature, bet365 does not charge a percentage for using this feature.

Some operators charge around 1% of the cash out amount to use the feature, so for example, if you were offered a Cash Out amount of €50, then you would have actually receive €49.50 once the 1% (€0.50) fee is applied to your cash out amount.

This may seem only a small amount, but over time, the money you pay out in the charge will mount up, whereas with bet365, you get all your cash out amount every time you accept the offer.

Can I Switch Off The All-In Cash Out Feature?

Yes. If you do not wish to have the option of the All-In Cash Out feature made available, then you can turn the feature off (and also on) in the Poker Lobby by clicking on the Menu icon and then Settings.

Here you can then toggle the All-In Cash Out option to being available By Hand (which makes it available when the conditions are met), or Never.

Does Accepting The All-In Cash Out Offer Guarantee Me A Profit?

No, if you accept the All-In Cash Out offer, the only thing that is guaranteed is that you will receive the amount of cash stated by the offer, regardless of whether your hand wins or loses on the turn of the River card.

However, there are times when the combination of pot size and your hand equity means that the All-In Cash Out offer may well guarantee you a profit compared to what you have bet.

But on other occasions, again depending on pot size and hand equity, the offer may mean you make a loss, but retain at least a percentage of your cash to continue in the game.

Let’s take a look at how both a profit and loss can be incurred using the offer:

  • Example A – Profit

After several players bet initially, there are just you and your opponent left in the game and you have both gone all in and the pot is now valued at €100. Both you and your opponent have contributed €35 each to the pot with the other €30 contributed by players earlier in the betting round who have since folded their hands.

The All-In Cash Out offer then calculates your hand equity is worth 65%. If you accept this offer, then you would receive €65. This means you are guaranteed a €30 profit based on your €35 prior pot commitment.

  • Example B – Loss

In Example B, let’s say your opponent moved All-In early and added €45 to the pot, you called adding €45 to the pot and there was €10 in the pot prior to the All-In call giving us a €100 total once again.

However, in this example, your chances of winning the hand (hand equity) when the turn is revealed to be 40%.

You would then be offered a €40 Cash Out amount which, if accepted, would mean you would make a €5 loss on the hand if you accept the Cash Out offer.

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