One of the only things stranger than the players at home games are the tables. We’ve all played at our share of not-quite-normal poker tables, but the entries below should easily top anyone’s list of the coolest, the craziest and the most cutting edge poker tables around (and by around, we of course mean filmed and uploaded to youtube).

#6 I Think I Might See a Bottlecap

Yup.  Look close – you’ll see it too.

#5 For Those Who Like to Take Things Too Far …

… we present this table, complete with optional titling software, for recording and streaming your home game to your legions of fans. Honest, I hear your home game is huge in Europe.

#4 It’s Crafty, This Table of Mine

Very crafty … that is, Minecrafty.

#3 Seven Minutes in Heaven

Assuming your idea of heaven is watching seven straight minutes of LED effects built into the rail of a poker table. That’s not weird, right? Not as weird as filming it, right?

How about eleven straight minutes?

#2 Now You’re a Man

We don’t know what they did to this poker table to become men, and we don’t want to know. This video makes it seem like the guys who built it are dead, and the poker table made the video as a memorial. You’ll see.

#1 Somehow We Were Only the 89th View for This Video

Unsure how that happened.