Coral Poker $30 In Tickets When You Deposit £20+

Get $30 Worth Of Tickets When You Deposit £20+ at Coral Poker

18+. New players only. Deposit £20+ for $30 Free Play generated as 6 x $5 tickets. 14 day expiry. T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly. BeGambleAware GAMSTOP


Coral is a brilliant place for UK and Ireland players to hit the felt. As part of Britain’s leading betting company – Ladbrokes Coral Group – it has all the reliability and scale that comes from a gambling behemoth. They boast an extraordinary 1,800 locations throughout the British Isles, making them a familiar site on almost every high street in the country.

A key member of the iPoker Network, Coral Poker offers top-class software and design, as well as a hefty player field and an excellent variety of innovative game types.

And on top of that, when you join Coral Poker, you get $30 of free tokens for depositing just £20 or more. But do you know what?

Coral Poker Bonus for April 2023

Before we dive into the wonders of poker at Coral, let’s take a look at what you get just for signing up.

Getting your $30 worth of tickets when you deposit £20 or more  is easy, just sign up and make your first deposit!

So that’s it. Even if you’re not a regular slots spinner, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get stuck into this excellent new player deposit offer. Who knows what you might win or what cool games you might find…

18+. New players only. Deposit £20+ for $30 Free Play generated as 6 x $5 tickets. 14 day expiry. T&Cs apply.

Get $30 Worth Of Tickets When You Deposit £20+

18+. New players only. Deposit £20+ for $30 Free Play generated as 6 x $5 tickets. 14 day expiry. T&Cs apply.


Coral Poker Loyalty Scheme

This is one site that really speaks the language of poker players. What are we really looking for, first and foremost? Rakeback.

While we admit sometimes it’s fun when competitors offer the chance to trade loyalty points for gizmos and gadgets, rakeback is something all poker lovers can agree on as being an excellent pull and a big reason to stay with a site.

With the Coral Poker Loyalty Scheme, you can swap your points for up to 30% rakeback directly from the poker software.

To sweeten the deal, you also get access to three exclusive freerolls as you rise up through the VIP levels.

Benefits at Coral Poker Loyalty Scheme

VIP level Points per € Rakeback Exclusive freerolls
2 90 16% £25 freeroll tournament
3 60 21.33% £25 freeroll tournament
4 50 25.6% £25 and £100 freeroll tournaments
5 47 27.23% £25 and £100 freeroll tournaments
6 42 30.48% £25, £100 and £375 freeroll tournaments


You earn 12.8 points for every €1 you spend on rake. How many points you earn on a 30-day rolling basis determines your VIP level. Here’s how many points you need to hit each level:

  • VIP level 1 – 0 points
  • VIP level 2 – 1 point
  • VIP level 3 – 50 points
  • VIP level 4 – 500 points
  • VIP level 5 – 2,500 points
  • VIP level 6 – 5,000 points

How to cash in your points

Turning your points into cash is simple, here’s all you’ve got to do:

  1. Hit My Profile in the My Account section of the lobby
  2. Select Cash-in Points
  3. Click Cash in Store Points
  4. A pop-up will show you the conversion rate based on your VIP level – click Ok to cash in your points
  5. Your funds will be added to your account within five minutes

Remember that all points expire within six months, so don’t wait too long to cash in those points.

Promotions at Coral Poker

As well as the excellent Welcome Offer  – who could forget those £20 in tournament tokens and up to £200 in bonus cash – there are lots of promotions to keep poker players happy well into a long tenure at Coral Poker.

Side Games Club

Shake things up to your regular poker playing schedule and get rewarded big time with the Coral Poker Side Games Club. Offering exclusive entry into the £500 Side Games Freeroll and 10% Cashback up to £300, it’s well worth dipping your toe into the world of Coral Poker side games.

How to get your £500 Side Games Freeroll entry:

  • Opt in
  • Wager £10 or more on Coral Poker side games
  • Get entry to the £500 Side Games Freeroll, kicking off every Thursday at 18:00 GMT

How to get 10% Cashback up to £300:

  • Opt in
  • Play Coral Poker side games
  • Get 10% back – up to £300 – on any losses

Daily Challenges

Every day there are different Daily Challenges at Coral Poker. They change frequently and are fun to tick off your list, but the best thing about them is every time you complete one you get a token for the £100 GTD Daily Mission Freeroll, which takes place every day at 19:30 GMT.

Is that the end of the story? No way. Because the top 10 finishers in each Daily Mission Tournament will go on to the nail-biting £1,500 GTD Weekly Mission Freeroll on Sundays at 19:30 GMT.

Poker Reload

Now this is one hell of a promotion. You can get your bonus balanced topped up to £1,000 every single month. And what do you have to do to get that extra bonus cash? Not a whole lot, to be honest, just log in to your Coral Poker account within the first five days of every month. Then you can redeem that bonus cash at a rate of £10 for every 1,500 VIP points you rack up.

Registration with Coral Poker

You can get up and running with Coral Poker in just a few minutes – it’s really quick and easy to do. Here’s what to do in a few simple steps:

  • On your desktop browser, click Join Now at the top of the page
  • Fill in your name, contact details and your other personal details
  • Coral Poker can locate you with just your postcode, which is a super handy feature. But if that doesn’t work, you can always enter the details manually
  • Choose your username and password
  • Choose your security question and answer
  • Pick your currency
  • Opt in or out of marketing emails
  • Tick the terms and conditions box to confirm you’ve read and understood them

You can update your name, email address, postal address and telephone number at any time by clicking My Account on your desktop browser.

Some details can’t be changed so easily – including username and currency – so make sure you give a lot of thought to those details when you’re setting up your account.

Poker variants

Coral Poker has the two most popular poker variants in the world – Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha. Not sure which one you want to play? That’s okay, we all have to start somewhere. Take a look at our brief overview and find out what might suit your playing style.

Texas Hold ‘Em

The most popular poker variant around today, the vast majority of games – live or online – are Texas Hold’em. If someone asks you to play poker, it’s a safe bet this is what they mean.

Each player is dealt two secret hole cards and there are up to five communal cards on the table. The aim of the game is to make the best five-card-hand made up of any combination of your hole cards and the communal cards.

Depending on how your opponents bet during the betting rounds, you might get a sense of how good their hole cards are. But at the same time, you want to keep your opponents from knowing the strength of your cards.

Here’s how the game works:

  • Everyone is dealt two hole cards each
  • Three communal cards – the flop – are revealed
  • There’s a round of betting
  • An additional communal card – the turn – is revealed
  • There’s another round of betting
  • The final communal card – the river – is revealed
  • Then there’s the final round of betting

During the betting rounds, you have the option to:

  • Check – not bet anything
  • Bet – put money into the pot
  • Call – meet an opponent’s bet
  • Raise – bet more than an opponent
  • Fold – not meet your opponent’s bet and throw away your cards


It might not be quite as popular as Texas Hold’em, but Omaha packs a punch all of its own. Usually attracting more experienced players, Omaha tables can get heated fast. The rules are similar to Hold’em with two crucial exceptions:

  • You’re dealt four hole cards
  • You have to use two of your hole cards and three of the communal cards to make your best five-card hand

This can lead to lots of interesting combinations, different odds and thrilling game play. If you’ve mastered Texas Hold’em, this should without a shadow of a doubt be your next port of call.

Omaha High/Low

A variation of Omaha, this game adds even more drama to the mix. Omaha High/Low plays out almost exactly the same as regular Omaha. But there’s one exciting catch – there are two ways to win. If you have the best hand at the table and if you have the worst. Mixing up the odds yet again and leading to more players staying in for longer, this game is excellent fun.

Game types

As well as all of those excellent classics, Coral Poker shakes things up big style with its wonderful and innovative game types. These may be familiar to people who frequent other iPoker Network sites and they never fail to entertain.

Six Plus Hold’em

Similar to its namesake, this game has the same rules as Texas Hold’em but Six Plus Hold’em is played with a 36-card deck – that’s right, all the twos, threes, fours and fives are removed. Anything else you should know? A flush beats a full house and a three of a kind beats a straight. That makes for more powerful hands more often in this extremely exciting game.

Twister Sit & Gos

If you fancy a quick thrill, come right this way. Here’s how to play a Twister Sit & Go:

  1. Buy-in
  2. Join two players at the table
  3. The prize pool is randomly determined – it can be up to 1,000 times the buy-in
  4. Is €1,000 or under? Then the winner takes all
  5. How about over €1,000? Good news for everyone – the winner gets a whopping 80%, while the other two players get a tasty 10% each

Wild Twister Sit & Gos

Take a walk on the wild side, with Wild Twister Sit & Gos. A faster and more thrilling version of the original, this game is 100% left up to chance. You enter for €0.50, the prize pool is randomly determined and could be a tournament ticket worth up to €50 and all three players go all-in automatically with every hand. Sounds wild, right? That’s because it is.

Cash games

During cash games (also known as ring games), players sit down with real money and place real money bets on each round.

You can sit down at any time and leave the table at any time with your winnings – you don’t have to wait for the whole game to play out before you leave.

At Coral Poker, you can buy in from anywhere between 35 and 100 big blinds. That means you can sit down at €0.50/€1 table for anywhere between €35 and €100.

After a hand begins, you can only use the chips in front of you. If you want to buy more chips, you’ve got to wait until the start of the next hand. However, you can never exceed the maximum buy-in allowance.

You can play cash games at Coral Poker with anywhere between two players and 10 players.

Here’s some of the lingo:

  • Heads up – a game with two players
  • Six max or short-handed – a game with six players
  • Full handed or full ring – a game with nine or 10 players

Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go Tournaments, also known as SNGs, aren’t scheduled. You simply need to wait for the required number of players to buy-in and then you’re ready to go. It’s a little fairer than cash tables because everyone starts with the same amount of chips and buys in for the same amount.

Multi Table Tournaments

Played across a number of tables and usually featuring bigger prizes, these tournaments are the main event for most poker sites. They kick off at predetermined times and often have guaranteed minimum prize pools.

Here are some of the tournaments you can look find at Coral Poker:

  • Freezouts – the most common poker tournament, this is when all players have the same amount of chips and play until one player remains
  • Rebuy – this is when you can buy more chips for a specific period of time during the tournament and when that’s over, all players can have the option to buy one more stack of chips
  • Satellites/qualifiers – the prize pool in these tournaments are made up of tickets to a larger tournament
  • Freerolls – these are free-to-enter tournaments
  • Guaranteed tournaments – with a minimum prize pool despite how many players enter
  • Deepstack – players start with more chips than usual tournaments, so the play typically goes on for longer

Mobile options at Coral Poker

The one small drawback for Coral Poker is that it’s not yet available on Android or Windows devices. Having said that, Coral Sports, Coral Casino and Coral Vegas are all available on Android, so there’s hope yet that they’ll expand their offering.

But if you’re an iOS user, you just might be interested to know how that the Coral Poker app for iPhones and iPads is top notch.

You can get pretty much all the cash games, tournaments and sit & gos you love on the desktop on your mobile device. It’s only available in English – which makes sense as the vast majority of Coral Poker customers are within Ireland and the UK – and requires iOS 6.0 or later to run.

Coral Poker School

Poker is one of those games where you never stop learning. Whether you’re a newbie still trying to get your head around blind levels or you’re a pro with pot odds, there’s always a way to brush up on your skills.

At Coral Poker, there are players of every level. That’s why the Coral Poker School has a range of material to give their players the chance to learn more, whatever their level.

There are six detailed articles available, to teach you all the key things you need to know about Texas Hold’em and Omaha, as well as all the key terminology and skills you’ll need on your journey:

  • Intro to no limit Texas Hold’em
  • Basic no limit Hold’em
  • Advanced no limit Hold’em
  • Intro to pot limit Omaha
  • Cash games and tournaments
  • Bank roll

As well as those comprehensive articles, there are three sets of videos aimed at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced players. These videos are practical examples of play led by top poker professionals, including Ben Jenkins, so you can get to grips with what you need to know even faster.

Banking and the Coral Connect Card

At Coral Poker, there are lots of quick, easy and fast ways to deposit and withdraw. As a UK company, Coral makes sure that all the top methods are compatible with the site. That means you can use any Visa Debit, Maestro, Visa Credit, MasterCard or bank transfer to deposit or withdraw at any time.

There are also plenty of online alternatives, including Skrill, PayPal, eco and Neteller.

However, the most innovative way to perform transactions with this company has got to be the gobsmackingly useful Coral Connect Card. Not only do you get exclusive offers and promotions for signing up and using this card, but you can also deposit to your online account and collect your online winnings from any Coral shop.

Security and fair play

Committed to protecting its players in every single way, Coral Poker goes to great lengths to ensure all transactions and personal customer data are stored securely and heavily encrypted.

Licensed and regulated by both the Great Britain Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, Coral Poker meets or surpasses all its regulatory requirements.

Thanks to the Norton SSL certificate, the site boasts encrypted data transmission, identity verification and security vulnerability assessment.

As well as having Random Number Generators provided by both Playtech and Virtue Fusion, it is signed up to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service.

Dedicated to responsible gaming, it is also a GamCare certified company and ensures there are age verification systems, controls for player spend, self-exclusion options, customer service training and lots of resources available for players who feel they might be developing a problem.

Customer support

Need a hand with something? There are a number of ways Coral Poker players in the UK and Ireland can get in touch with highly trained staff at any time:

  • Take a look at the site’s comprehensive Help section and search for your question
  • Phone online support or shop customer care
  • Email
  • Live chat

Beyond poker

Time to shake things up? In between poker games, why not take a look at all the other brands Coral has to offer…

Coral Vegas

We’ve already talked about the joys of Coral Vegas a little bit – especially that tasty no deposit £10 bonus  you can get just for signing up. But there’s a lot more variety waiting for you at the tables. This online version of Sin City has lots of wildly popular slots and you can play them anytime on your mobile device. Get ready for Big Banker Slots, King Kong Cash, Rainbow Riches and much more.

Coral Sports

Most people are familiar with Coral first and foremost as a sports brand, so it’s no surprise that Coral Sports  has an excellent online presence. With a huge variety of sports to wager on, as well as special bets for politics, music, TV programmes and films, there’s no shortage of things to tickle your fancy.

Coral Bingo

Got a good feeling about your lucky numbers? Then roll up to Coral Bingo  and take your chances. There are tonnes of fun promotions going on all the time at this site. There’s always the chance to win big cash paydays, but they’ve also got quirky prizes up for grabs from time to time, including restaurant and cinema vouchers.

Coral Casino

From immersive slots to ritzy table games, Coral Casio  has it all. With games from NextGen Gaming, IGT, Lightning Box Games and more top providers, this is your chance to dive into a world of immersive graphics and top notch prizes. And for that bricks-and-mortar experience from the comfort of your own home, try the Coral Live Casino  and get the thrill of watching your professional dealers usher in your win in real-time.

Company Overview

With over a decade of experience in the online gambling world, Coral is one of the UK’s leading e-commerce companies.

Part of the massive Ladbrokes Coral Group, Coral’s online operations is run by its Coral Interactive company. This company is also in charge of the company’s mobile and telephone operations, leading to seamless service across the whole brand.

With a wide range of gaming products – from bingo to poker to casino to sports – Coral provides one of the UK’s biggest selection of wagering opportunities.

There are 1,800 physical Coral locations all around the UK, making it one of the most familiar brands in the country. Coupled with a competitive offering, great customer service and innovative products, this makes Coral one of the Europe’s most successful betting businesses.

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