Deal or No Deal Bingo: A Thrilling Twist on a Classic Game!

By Ian John
October 23, 2023

Few games have created as much buzz in the gaming community as the exciting Deal or No Deal Bingo game.

Developers Virtue Fusion (owned by Playtech) have created a hybrid game that combines all the fun and excitement of traditional 90-ball bingo, alongside the drama and excitement of the hit TV show.

Before we focus on the bingo game, let’s recap how Deal or No Deal worked in its original format. The one used when it was first televised on Channel 4 in 2005.

A Recap of How Deal or No Deal Works on TV

YouTube video

Originally hosted by Noel Edmonds, the show featured 22 contestants, each of whom was randomly allocated a red box together with one of 22 prize amounts at the start of the game.

Prize amounts ranged from 1p up to £250,000.

One of the 22 contestants is selected to play the game and they sit on the hotseat and bring their allocated red box with them down to the front of the studio.

Guided by Noel and the rest of the contestants, the selected player then has to select a number of boxes to eliminate in each round of the game. Once selected by the player, the contestant holding that number box opens the box to reveal the amount inside. That amount is subsequently removed from the prize board.

After each round of the game, the Banker calls up with an offer to the player to buy their box. The amount offered is based on the number of higher or lower value prizes remaining in the game.

At any point the player can accept the bankers offer and then play out the game to see what they would have won, or they can reject it and continue the game, in the hope of winning more cash or receiving a higher value banker offer which they will accept.

Over the years, several tweaks were made to the game. However, its pure chance formula and drama created ensured it remained a popular TV staple for many years.

And now, you can play it in a new bingo format!

What is Deal or No Deal Bingo?

Deal or No Deal Bingo
Deal or No Deal Bingo Screenshot

Deal or No Deal Bingo is a game which combines elements of traditional 90-ball bingo, with the main aspects of Deal or No Deal. This creating something very special for bingo fans!

As with most online bingo games, you must buy at least one or more tickets to play. You can also opt in to pay a small additional stake to try and win the Deal or No Deal Jackpot prize (more on that in a section below!).

There are four different prizes that are won in a game of Deal or No Deal Bingo:

  • 1 Line Win
  • 2 Lines Win
  • A House or Bingo – when all 15 numbers from a single ticket have been called.
  • The Deal or No Deal Feature Prize – If you win (or share) the full house prize.

The Jackpot prize is only triggered if a game is won with a House or Bingo within the stated number of balls being drawn in the game.

What makes this game special though is that there are different elements of Deal or No Deal interwoven into the game.

  • Deal or No Deal Elements

The different Deal or No Deal elements you will find in the game are as follows:

  • At the start of the game, the player is allocated one of the 22 Red Boxes, together with a cash prize from the list of lower value (blue) and higher value (red) amount shown on the prize table.
  • The Box remains with the player throughout the game.
  • The remaining 21 red boxes are then allocated one of the 90 numbers in the game.
  • As the game of bingo is played, if a number is called matching one of those shown on a red box, the red box opens revealing an amount and that amount is removed from the prize table.
  • The Full House winner will win a standard cash prize for the full house but will usually be offered a cash amount by the banker for their red box. The player can accept this offer, or reject it.
  • The only time the above changes is if all other 21 red boxes have been opened (in which case the player wins the value of their box), or if just one other red box remains in the prize table, then if the player rejects the bankers offer, they can choose to swap their red box for the remaining red box and win that prize.
  • Additionally, if more than one player wins a full house prize, then they will take the prize in the box the player holds and that prize will be shared amongst all the full house winners.

How Do I Play Deal or No Deal Bingo?

The great thing about Deal or No Deal Bingo, or indeed any other bingo game you can play at sites like bet365 Bingo, William Hill or similar, is that it is fully automated. You can just sit back and watch your cards and numbers be played out automatically!

All you need to do, is decide how many tickets you want to buy to play, and then select from the options offered to you if you win a full house prize.

What Is The Deal or No Deal Bingo Jackpot And How Can I Win It?

The Deal or No Deal jackpot prize is a seeded progressive jackpot which is seeded at £10,000 initially, but increases in value each day it is not won based on the stakes bet on it for the previous day.

You must stake in the Jackpot game in order to be eligible for a share of the prize if it is won in the game you play in. All players that stake in the Jackpot are eligible for a prize if it is triggered, however the size of your prize is based on two factors.

  • The number of tickets you bought in proportion to the number of tickets sold in the winning game.
  • Whether or not you won the full house prize in that game, or not.

The jackpot will be won when a game is won before the stated number of balls are drawn in that game.

If the jackpot is triggered, then the total jackpot is paid out as follows:

  • The player that landed the full house to trigger the jackpot wins 50% of the jackpot prize pool.
  • All other players that opted in to the Jackpot Prize in that game will win a share of the remaining 50% prize pool based on the number of tickets they held in relation to the number of tickets sold in the game.

What Other Deal or No Deal Games Can I Play?

There are a large number of other Deal or No Deal games you can play.

At bet365 Games for example, you can play all of the following:

  • Deal or No Deal Perfect Play
  • Deal or No Deal Lightning Spins
  • Deal or No Deal Box Clever
  • Deal or No Deal Golden Box Megaways
  • Deal or No Deal Megaways
  • Deal or No Deal What’s In Your Box Scratchcard
  • Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Call
  • Deal or No Deal Go All The Way
  • Deal or No Deal Double Action
  • Deal or No Deal Golden Game
  • Deal or No Deal The Big Draw
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo
YouTube video

Deal Or No Deal Bingo – FAQs

u003cstrongu003eWhat’s Deal or No Deal Bingo?u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eDeal or No Deal Bingo is a game that combines elements of 90-ball bingo with several different elements of the popular TV gameshow, Deal or No Deal.

u003cstrongu003eWhat Prizes Can Be Won Playing Deal or No Deal Bingo?u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eIt is possible to win five prizes in the Deal or No Deal Bingo game, but on most games only four prizes will be awarded:u003cbru003e·       Prize 1 – Winning 1 line completedu003cbru003e·       Prize 2 – Winning 2 lines completedu003cbru003e·       Prize 3 – Full House prizeu003cbru003e·       Prize 4 – Banker Prize/ Box Prize/ Swapped Box Prizeu003cbru003eThe fifth prize is the progressive Jackpot prize, which is only won when a game is won within the stated number of balls being called.

u003cstrongu003eHow Do I Win The Deal Or No Deal Bingo Jackpot?u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eYou must opt in to the Jackpot by staking on it on a game that sees the jackpot triggered.u003cbru003eThe jackpot is triggered by winning the game with a full house within the stated number of balls being drawn.u003cbru003eIf that occurs, then the player that wins the full house wins 50% of the prize pool.u003cbru003eThe other players in that game that also opted in to the Jackpot prize, will receive a share of the remaining 50% of prize pool based on the number of tickets they bought for that game.

u003cstrongu003eAre There Other Deal or No Deal Themed Games?u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eYes, you can find an extensive range of other Deal or No Deal themed slots, games and similar at bet365 Games.

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