The Internet – Online poker legend Phil Galfond recently spearheaded an effort to reveal the truth – whether damning or flattering – about one of poker’s most controversial figures: Mike Postle.

A group effort soon began in order to collect data:

The Greatest Player Of All-Time

Results of Galfond’s study haven’t yet been published widely, but here at BonusCodePoker we got an early look at the final report. Here’s the cover:

A complete shocker to the poker world: it turns out that Mike Postle is actually just the best player who has ever touched cards.

We have an excerpt highlighting Galfond’s analysis:

“The numbers simply do not lie. When I began the process of analyzing Mike’s play, I went in knowing that win rate isn’t everything. Mike has an uncanny ability to fold when opponents make great hands, he’s able to only bluff when opponents are able to fold, he only calls when he’s winning – I mean, the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that Mike Postle is simply a model poker player. I wish my numbers looked like his, but I don’t even come close. There’s only one reasonable conclusion: Mike Postle is the greatest poker player of all-time.”

For such a staggering conclusion to come from a 3x WSOP champion, often considered one of the great analytical minds of the game, is quite the endorsement for Postle. We approached Phil to see if he has any advice for Postle, now that his name has been fully cleared.

“Mike, if you’re reading this – you should really consider playing me at the Galfond Challenge.”

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