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The Internet – In a joint statement released to all major news outlets who ignored it because it’s just poker, Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton, and Mike Postle have announced that they’ve decided to forgive all players that have questioned their integrity.

We have each searched deep inside our souls and decided to let bygones be bygones and to forgive those that thought ill of us in the past. We know that what we did was wrong, but other people have done wrong things before too. And if they did wrong things first, and then we did some wrong things later, they naturally cancel each other out. So if we all forgive one another, everyone’s back to even. Apology accepted. A-men.

The three men plan to embark on an apology tour all across America, where they will stop by various radio stations, news outlets, and casinos to let poker players from all over the country apologize to them in person. Such is their dedication to forgiveness.

Also, Russ has a lot of casino buffet vouchers that expire soon.

Their forgiveness comes literally on the heels of Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Catesstatement explaining his ghosting accusations. Many considered his apology and explanation completely ridiculous while others considered it only kind of ridiculous, while even more described it as “seriously who cares.”

This is probably the biggest nonstory in the history of poker, but we are all desperately bored right now, so we will probably talk about this for a couple more weeks until the casinos open back up.

While Daniel Cates’ post surely served as inspiration for these three fine upstanding gentlemen to begin their rebranding tour, we were still curious – why now? Mike Postle provided an answer: “We… uh… we didn’t realize this was an option.”

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