Mike Postle real time solver after Ali Imsirovic cheating allegations

Sacramento, CA – As Mike Postle sat eating a microwave dinner in his one-bedroom apartment, he stumbled across a story on Twitter. A series of tweets from Alex Foxen alleged that Ali Imsirovic and others have been banned from several sites for using real-time solvers.

Real-time assistance (RTA) is a growing problem in the online poker sphere, especially at the higher levels. Players who are able to use RTA essentially are given the theoretical correct actions and sizings to use at every decision point in the hand. 

Upon learning just exactly how real-time solvers worked, an impish grin spread across Postle’s face from ear to ear. The wheels slowly began to turn in his head on just how to use this software to make money, and how to get away with it scott-free.

“They’ll never know it was me either,” he thought, chuckling slowly while petting his white long-haired cat. “It’s the perfect, perfect plan… Postle, you clever bastard you’ve done it again!”

Postle then danced around his apartment before breaking out into song:

They turned me away from Turning Stone

Said I was cheating, the door I was shone.

But it looks like I have found a new way

The destination? Millions. The path, RTA

Teach me the ways, young Imsirovic

How your boy Mikey P might again strike it rich

They underestimate me: my drive, and my hustle

But never doubt the mind, or cunning, of Postle

Postle then grabbed his keys and laughed all the way to his double shift at Arby’s.

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