Ali Imsirovic cheating

War broke out in the world of high stakes poker this week amid claims of cheating between two of the more prominent names in the game.

Alex Foxen turned to Twitter to accuse Ali Imsirovic of cheating at poker, both live and online.

In the same social media thread, Foxen, who himself has faced accusations of collusions with his now wife Kristen Bicknell, also claimed that the Bosnian is banned from GGPoker for multi-accounting and RTA.

Foxen opens with the idea of blacklisting Imsirovic, while making the claim that everyone involved in high-stakes poker believes the accused is a cheat.

The outburst was triggered after footage appeared to show Imsirovic rubber necking Paul Phau’s hand at a recent Super High Roller Bowl event.

Just days later, a separate cheating scandal rocked the poker world with Bryn Kenney accused of widespread cheating.

Is Ali Imsirovic a cheater? Sneaking A Peek

It was during the $250,000 Super High Roller Series Europe Main Event in Cyprus and Foxen added stills that he believes prove that Imsirovic sneaked a peek at his opponent’s cards as well as noting in great detail Imsirovic’s response to the hand.

Naturally, his Twitter thread instantly blew up.

Foxen then goes on to make more accusations relating to the Bosnian’s online play stating that he is banned from playing at GGPoker for multi-accounting and using RTA (Real-Time Assistance).

While the footage itself is hardly conclusive, PokerGo commentator Jeff Platt praised Foxen for raising the subject.

Justin Bonomo also got involved in the debate. 

Before Sam Greenwood reminded Foxen of his previous alleged indiscretions. 

As of yet, there has been no comment from the 2021 PGT Player of the Year.

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