NBA Playoffs 2023 Round Up, Latest News And Betting Odds

By Ian John
May 4, 2023

Welcome to our look at how the NBA Playoffs are shaping up, as well as a recap of how the regular season finished!

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Earlier on in the season we posted our NBA Season Catch Up, which looked at which teams had shone during the regular season so far, and which had disappointed.

We also gave you our predictions for who would finish in the six playoff seeds spot in each of the conferences, as well as the four teams that would enter the Play In tournament.

Let’s see how they compared to the teams that actually did qualify from each conference from the 82-game regular NBA season.

NBA Regular Season Standings Vs My Predictions From December 2022

Outlined in the table below are the final standings for the teams in both Conferences in the NBA, together with my predictions as to whether they would make it into the playoffs or not.

Eastern Conference Regular Season Table

PosTeamRecord My Prediction
1Milwaukee Bucks58-24Seed
2Boston Celtics57-25Seed
3Philadelphia 76ers54-28Seed
4Cleveland Cavaliers51-31Seed
5New York Knicks47-35XPlay In
6Brooklyn Nets45-37Seed
7Miami Heat44-38Play In
8Atlanta Hawks41-41XSeed
9Toronto Raptors41-41XMiss Out
10Chicago Bulls40-42XMiss Out
11Indiana Pacers35-47XPlay In
12Washington Wizards35-47XPlay In
13Orlando Magic34-48Miss Out
14Charlotte Hornets27-55Miss Out
15Detroit Pistons17-65Miss Out
  • Eastern Conference – Correct Predictions – 9/15

Western Conference Regular Season Table

PosTeamRecord My Prediction
1Denver Nuggets53-29Seed
2Memphis Grizzlies51-31Seed
3Sacramento Kings48-34XPlay In
4Phoenix Suns45-37Seed
5Los Angeles Clippers44-38XPlay In
6Golden State Warriors44-38Seed
7Los Angeles Lakers43-39Play In
8Minnesota Timberwolves42-40XMiss Out
9New Orleans Pelicans42-40XSeed
10Oklahoma City Thunder40-42XMiss Out
11Dallas Mavericks38-44Miss Out
12Utah Jazz37-45XSeed
13Portland Trail Blazers33-49XPlay In
14Houston Rockets22-60Miss Out
15San Antonio Spurs22-60Miss Out
  • Western Conference – Correct Predictions – 8/15

I hit 17/30 in total of the seeded, play in and Miss Out predictions, which I am a little disappointed with to be truthful. I would have liked to see me hit 2/3 (around 20), but this was a particularly close season with no team winning more than 58 games, so I can accept that this year was a little trickier than those past.

With the Seeds and Play In positions decided, here is how the NBA Playoffs 2023 have shaped up so far, starting with the Play In tournament to decide the 7th and 8th seeds in both conferences.

NBA Play In

Eastern Conference

  • 7th v 8th – Miami Heat 105-116 Atlanta Hawks (Hawks become 7th seed, Heat go on to eighth seed game)
  • 9th v 10th – Toronto Raptors 105-109 Chicago Bulls (Raptors Eliminated, Bulls go on to eighth seed game)
  • 8th Seed Game – Miami Heat 102-91 Chicago Bulls (Heat 8th Seeds, Bulls Eliminated)

Western Conference

  • 7th v 8th – Los Angeles Lakers 108-102 Minnesota Timberwolves (Lakers become 7th seed, Timberwolves go on to eighth seed game)
  • 9th v 10th – New Orleans Pelicans 118-123 Oklahoma City Thunder  (Pelicans Eliminated, Thunder go on to eighth seed game)
  • 8th Seed Game – Minnesota Timberwolves 120-95 Oklahoma City Thunder (Timberwolves 8th Seeds, Thunder Eliminated)

NBA Playoffs Round 1

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76ers (3) v Brooklyn Nets (6)

  • Game 1 – Brooklyn Nets 105-134 Philadelphia 76ers (76ers lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Philadelphia 76ers 121-101 Brooklyn Nets (76ers lead 2-0)
  • Game 3Philadelphia 76ers 96-84 Brooklyn Nets (76ers lead 3-0)
  • Game 4 – Brooklyn Nets 88-96 Philadelphia 76ers (76ers win 4-0)

Boston Celtics (2) v Atlanta Hawks (7)

  • Game 1Boston Celtics 112-99 Atlanta Hawks (Celtics lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Boston Celtics 119-106 Atlanta Hawks (Celtics lead 2-0)
  • Game 3Atlanta Hawks 130-122 Boston Celtics (Celtics lead 2-1)
  • Game 4 – Atlanta Hawks 121-129 Boston Celtics (Celtics lead 3-1)
  • Game 5 – Boston Celtics 117-119 Atlanta Hawks (Celtics lead 3-2)
  • Game 6 – Atlanta Hawks 120-128 Boston Celtics (Celtics win 4-2)

Cleveland Cavaliers (4) v New York Knicks (5)

  • Game 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers 97-101 New York Knicks (Knicks lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Cleveland Cavaliers 107-90 New York Knicks (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3New York Knicks 99-79 Cleveland Cavaliers (Knicks lead 2-1)
  • Game 4New York Knicks 102-93 Cleveland Cavaliers (Knicks lead 3-1)
  • Game 5 – Cleveland Cavaliers 95-106 New York Knicks (Knicks win 4-1)

Milwaukee Bucks (1) v Miami Heat (8)

  • Game 1 – Milwaukee Bucks 117-130 Miami Heat (Heat lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Milwaukee Bucks 138-122 Miami Heat (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3Miami Heat 121-99 Milwaukee Bucks (Heat lead 2-1)
  • Game 4 – Miami Heat 119-114 Milwaukee Bucks (Heat lead 3-1)
  • Game 5 – Milwaukee Bucks 126-128 Miami Heat (Heat win 4-1)

Eastern Conference Playoffs Semi Finals

  • Boston Celtics (2) v Philadelphia 76ers (3)
  • New York Knicks (5) v Miami Heat (8)

Western Conference

Sacramento Kings (3) v Golden State Warriors (6)

  • Game 1Sacramento Kings 126-123 Golden State Warriors (Kings lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Sacramento Kings 114-106 Golden State Warriors (Kings lead 2-0)
  • Game 3Golden State Warriors 114-97 Sacramento Kings (Kings lead 2-1)
  • Game 4Golden State Warriors 126-125 Sacramento Kings (Series tied 2-2)
  • Game 5 – Sacramento Kings 116-125 Golden State Warriors (Warriors lead 3-2)
  • Game 6 – Golden State Warriors 99-118 Sacramento Kings (Series tied 3-3)
  • Game 7 – Sacramento Kings 100-120 Golden State Warriors (Warriors win 4-3)

Memphis Grizzlies (2) v Los Angeles Lakers (7)

  • Game 1 – Memphis Grizzlies 112-128 Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Memphis Grizzlies 103-93 Los Angeles Lakers (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3Los Angeles Lakers 111-101 Memphis Grizzlies (Lakers lead 2-1)
  • Game 4Los Angeles Lakers 117-111 Memphis Grizzlies (Lakers lead 3-1)
  • Game 5Memphis Grizzlies 116-99 Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 3-2)
  • Game 6Los Angeles Lakers 125-85 Memphis Grizzlies (Lakers win 4-2)

Phoenix Suns (4) v Los Angeles Clippers (5)

  • Game 1 – Phoenix Suns 110-115 Los Angeles Clippers (Clippers lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Phoenix Suns 123-109 Los Angeles Clippers (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3 – Los Angeles Clippers 124-129 Phoenix Suns (Suns lead 2-1)
  • Game 4 – Los Angeles Clippers 100-112 Phoenix Suns (Suns lead 3-1)
  • Game 5Phoenix Suns 136-130 Los Angeles Clippers (Suns win 4-1)

Denver Nuggets (1) v Minnesota Timberwolves (8)

  • Game 1Denver Nuggets 109-80 Minnesota Timberwolves (Nuggets lead 1-0)
  • Game 2Denver Nuggets 122-113 Minnesota Timberwolves (Nuggets lead 2-0)
  • Game 3 – Minnesota Timberwolves 111-120 Denver Nuggets (Nuggets lead 3-0)
  • Game 4Minnesota Timberwolves 114-108 Denver Nuggets (Nuggets lead 3-1)
  • Game 5Denver Nuggets 112-109 Minnesota Timberwolves (Nuggets win 4-1)

Western Conference Playoff Semi Finals

  • Denver Nuggets (1) v Phoenix Suns (4)
  • Golden State Warriors (6) v Los Angeles Lakers (7)

NBA Playoff Semi Finals

Outlined below are the results of the Playoff Semi Finals played so far. Games marked with an * are only played if required. All games are best of seven contests.

Eastern Conference Playoffs Semi Finals

Boston Celtics (2) v Philadelphia 76ers (3)

  • Boston Celtics 115-119 Philadelphia 76ers (76ers lead 1-0)
  • Boston Celtics 121-87 Philadelphia 76ers (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3 – Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics (Fri 5th May)
  • Game 4 – Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics (Sun 7th May)
  • Game 5 – Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers (Tue 9th May)
  • Game 6* – Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics (Thu 11th May)
  • Game 7* – Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers (Sat 13th May)

New York Knicks (5) v Miami Heat (8)

  • New York Knicks 101-108 Miami Heat (Heat lead 1-0)
  • New York Knicks 111-105 Miami Heat (Series tied 1-1)
  • Game 3 – Miami Heat v New York Knicks (Sat 6th May)
  • Game 4 – Miami Heat v New York Knicks (Mon 8th May)
  • Game 5 – New York Knicks v Miami Heat (Tue 9th May)
  • Game 6* – Miami Heat v New York Knicks (Fri 12th May)
  • Game 7* – New York Knicks v Miami Heat (Mon 16th May)

Western Conference Playoff Semi Finals

Denver Nuggets (1) v Phoenix Suns (4)

  • Denver Nuggets 125-107 Phoenix Suns (Nuggets lead 1-0)
  • Denver Nuggets 97-87 Phoenix Suns (Nuggets lead 2-0)
  • Game 3 – Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets (Fri 5th May)
  • Game 4 – Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets (Sun 7th May)
  • Game 5* – Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns (Mon 8th May)
  • Game 6* – Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets (Wed 10th May)
  • Game 7* – Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns (Sat 13th May)

Golden State Warriors (6) v Los Angeles Lakers (7)

  • Golden State Warriors 112-117 Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0)
  • Game 2 – Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers (Thu 4th May)
  • Game 3 – Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors (Sat 6th May)
  • Game 4 – Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors (Mon 8th May)
  • Game 5* – Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers (Tue 9th May)
  • Game 6* – Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors (Thu 11th May)
  • Game 7* – Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers (Sat 13th May)

Latest Betting With Bet365 Sport

The latest betting on who will win the Eastern and Western Conferences are as follows:

Eastern Conference

  • Boston Celtics – 20/31 favs
  • Philadelphia 76ers – 16/5
  • New York Knicks – 7/1
  • Miami Heat – 15/2

Western Conference

  • Denver Nuggets 13/10 favs
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 12/5
  • Golden State Warriors – 7/2
  • Phoenix Suns – 13/2

And the odds for each team to win the NBA Finals are as follows:

NBA Finals Winner Odds

  • Boston Celtics – 33/20 favs
  • Denver Nuggets – 4/1
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 5/1
  • Golden State Warriors – 7/1
  • Philadelphia 76ers – 8/1
  • Phoenix Suns – 12/1
  • New York Knicks – 18/1
  • Miami Heat – 25/1

Check out the latest betting on all the playoff games taking place across the forthcoming weeks at bet365 Sport now!

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