Phil Hellmuth Darth Vader 2022 WSOP Main Event entrance

Phil Hellmuth once again attempted to capture some of the spotlight at the 2022 WSOP Main Event, making his now-annual infamous grand entrance.

After Day 2abc was underway, Phil Hellmuth entered the WSOP Main Event floor dressed in a Darth Vader costume that some are calling the worst Darth Vader costume of all time.

Here is a clip of Hellmuth making his grand entrance:

Hellmuth purchased the costume the previous day from Star Costumes in Las Vegas. Warren Lush posted a behind the scenes video during of Hellmuth trying on the costume, which is complete with Hellmuth doing with light saber noises.

Unfortunately for Hellmuth, it was a quick run with a bad run of cards at the WSOP Main Event where he quickly was busted from the event without winning a hand. Hellmuth’s quest for the 17th bracelet will have to come from one of the remaining dozen or so events on the schedule.

Reaction to Phil Hellmuth Darth Vader WSOP entrance

Reaction to Phil Hellmuth’s latest entrance run the gamut from praise for drawing attention to poker to scon — and boos — for those who say he is drawing attention to himself. Some questioned whether he spent more than $5 on the costume with speculation it might be the worst Darth Vader costume of all time.