foreclosureAtlantic CityCarl Bogans, an Atlantic City-area poker professional, has reportedly explained to his wife that their house foreclosure is merely statistical variance.

Due to a combination of prolonged card deadness, several staking horses skipping town, and “cooler after f***ing cooler,” the 47-year-old fell behind on his payments six months ago and could not continue paying the mortgage.

“I don’t see what’s so hard to understand,” he said. “These things happen from time to time – you just gotta keep playing your game.”

Bogans has apparently been nursing a string of setbacks at various Atlantic City casinos since September 2015. Once a regular at the middle limit games, he has recently been seen alternating between the $2/5 NL Hold’em, $5/5 PLO, and the Craps tables, without much success.

“Foreclosure is the smart move, at this point,” said Chuck Hobson, Bogans’s accountant. “That house was becoming a source of constant tension – I’m really thinking that it was affecting his game. Plus, with the payment not being such a drain on his bankroll he can definitely afford to take that shot at 5/10 now.”

The house in question is a 2004 3-bedroom that Bogans bought after a big tournament win. Sources tell us that his two children, boys aged 7 and 5, are despondent about losing their home.

“Daddy comes home when we’re getting ready for school and tells us to learn a lot so we can grow up to be poker players like him,” Arin, 7, told us. His brother, Danny, added “Sometimes he starts crying and Mommy tells us to look away. Now she says we get to go live in a place next to the casino like movie stars!”

However, Mr. Bogans remained upbeat from the family’s new efficiency apartment located in the city’s downtown projects.

“I’m not at all worried,” he said. “Statistically, this is just a blip. I’ll be shocked if we aren’t in a bigger place this time next year. Hell, my luck’s gotta turn around at some point, right? It’s just simple math.”