In a scandal sure to rock the world of online poker, perhaps even above and beyond the level of the UltimateBet and Full Tilt incidents, a major poker site has admitted to rigging their shuffles after being confronted by Dave McDermott of London, England.

“PokerSuns is rigged,” he wrote on Four Plus Four Forums. “They rig the RNGs so shortstacks bust and tournaments are over quickly and also they make it so winning players lose when they cash out but win when they deposit and I have proof because I lost two all ins in a row when I was the favourite.”

McDermott’s scathing, scandalising scoop prompted a representative of PokerSuns to post on Four Plus Four, admitting to the site’s wrongdoing and promising a full refund of all affected players.

How it happened

Mr McDermott was playing in two different multi-table tournaments on PokerSuns when he found himself all in with pocket kings against pocket jacks for a sizeable pot. The board ran out 8-7-7-T-9 and McDermott was busted.

Five minutes later in the next tournament, on the money bubble, McDermott was all in holding aces against his opponent’s ace-king. The flop was K-2-K and McDermott didn’t hit his one-outer. He knew that something was wrong.

“This literally never happens in live poker ever,” he said. “Only online does 85% not mean 100%. Ask anyone who has ever played live poker and they’ll tell you that they have never seen the best hand lose.

“To imply that this happens in live poker is actually pretty insulting to great players like Darvin Moon and Jamie Gold. What, do you think they made the final table of the World Series of Poker by just getting lucky and having the worst hand win sometimes? Don’t be ridiculous.”

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