Holdem Omega CardsRecently, there has been a great deal of conversation in the poker world about a new card game being marketed as poker for the next generation of players. Perhaps in response to this intrigue, an even newer game – Holdem Omega – has just been announced, promising to be poker for the next, next generation.

We were lucky enough to be invited for a sneak preview of this new game.

Holdem Omega comes with a 547-page rulebook and 17 supplemental decks, which are used in conjunction with a standard deck of playing cards. When asked if they would be relatively affordable, a representative started laughing and had to be helped from the room.

As for gameplay, we were told that other than the additional decks of cards, complex rules, and the removal of most strategic elements which make poker enjoyable, the game is basically Texas Hold’em.

The extra decks contain cards which give players certain abilities that would be unavailable within the rules of a Texas Hold’em game. Examples include a card which allows you to legally flip the table upside down (restarting the game without receiving a penalty), and a card which calls over a floorman to make an incorrect decision in your favor.

Perhaps the most powerful card between all of the decks, the “Game Changer,” allows players to change the game currently being played to any board game, video game, or sport of their choosing, replacing all rules with the standard rules for the game chosen. Other than that, the game remains basically Texas Hold’em.

Despite Holdem Omega’s tagline, “the last poker game you’ll ever play,” the game’s creator has been busy working on new products.

Apparently three new games are already in their early developmental stages:

  • HoldemY (as in, why-are-you-doing-this?)
  • The Card Game Formerly Known as Holdem
  • Holdem(batman symbol)