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BonusCodePoker | August 19, 2019.

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July 2, 2012

Sometimes Even Phil Ivey Looks Uncool

Phil Ivey is having one hell of a WSOP so far, a surge that has resulted in an Ivey lovefest of epic proportions sweeping across the poker community.

Since it’s always good to remember that your idols are only human, here’s a brief collection of the (exceedingly rare) times when Phil Ivey has looked somewhat less than cool.

#6 You Know, My O Face

A modern classic. Image search to find versions with Dwan as masseuse.

Ivey Rub

Credit: Benjo Dimeo

#5 Phil Ivey Will Show You How That Pussy Works

This is the most feared poker player in the world:

Phil Ivey Pussy Lover

Credit: Cake Blog

#4 Ivey Eats Your Apple. He Eats it Up.

Wait, did Bitar give you that apple? Don’t eat that shit!

Ivey Apple

#3 The Leaning Tower of Ivey

Note: If you’re ever playing basketball with Ivey, he apparently cannot go to his right.

Leaning Ivey

Leaning Ivey

#2 No One Looks Good in Transitions Lenses

No one.

Ivey Transitions

#1 This One’s Not His Fault

Everyone looks uncool when standing next to Samuel L Jackson.

Ivey & Jackson

Article credit: Pete Carter