Bet365 and Incentive Games have announced that a brand-new game is available at Bet365 Games. The Unleash A Mercenary game is completely free to play for eligible customers of the site.


    The promotion started on July 17th. This means that you are able to participate in the Unleash A Mercenary offer at bet365 Games right now.

    It is the latest free offering from bet365, and it is one of the first casino-based free to play offerings.

    It is also a big deal for both companies as this week’s press release explained.

    Daily Free To Play Casino Title

    The collaboration between the two companies sees the new free-to-play title available each day at bet365 Games.

    The aim of the game is for players to use their three picks each day to reveal three times on a game grid.

    Reveal enough of any of the 5 mercenary images with your picks over any game week and you can win a prize.

    Prizes range from a stated number of free spins through to a cash reward.

    Any free spins you win can then be played at £0.20 per spin on the Mercenary X slot.

    The bonus will be available across 130 countries where bet365 operates and supports bet365’s “global entertainment strategy”.

    “Playing Chess in Ibiza…”

    CEO of Incentive Games, John Gordon, quipped;

    “This is one of those historic moments where everyone will remember where they were when bet365 launched Unleash A Mercenary… I was playing Chess in Ibiza,”

    “Harnessing the sublime graphics from Mercenary X takes this game to the next level. Coupled with our world-class user segmentation and data analysis, Unleash a Mercenary really is a game-changer.”

    Similarly, a bet365 spokesperson remarked:

    “The release of Mercenary X in December 2022 allowed us to elevate our in-house Games product, enhancing our ‘Originals’ brand. Now we’re able to do the same for our customers in the form of Unleash A Mercenary, our latest free-to-play offering to all new and eligible customers.”

    “We’re delighted to once again partner with incentive Games and hope that Unleash a Mercenary unleashes an amazing gaming experience for our players.”

    How To Play Unleash A Mercenary

    Unleash a Mercenary can be played each day from 5.00pm Monday, until 4.59pm the following Monday.

    Each day from 5pm, you are allocated three picks on a game grid. You can reveal three tiles on the game grid each day with your picks.

    Over the course of the week, log back in from 5pm each day to reveal three more tiles on the grid.

    The aim is to collect enough symbols to trigger one of the bonus prizes.

    These range from 5 to 25 Free Spins (all playable on the Mercenary X slot), plus a cash prize.

    You have until 4.59 on the following Monday to uncover enough of the same symbols to win a prize.

    At 4.59pm on each Monday of the promotion, the game grid will reset and a new weekly game will begin. You can play every week to try and win yourself free spins and cash.

    What Are The Key Terms And Conditions I Should Know For This Feature?

    • To qualify to play Unleash A Mercenary, you need to be an eligible customer of the site that has previously made a deposit into your account.
    • Each game is divided into weekly periods, which run from 5pm on Monday, to 4.59pm the following Monday.
    • Each day from 5pm to 4.59pm the following day, you can log in to your account and click on three tiles to reveal from the grid.
    • Any tiles not revealed on any given day expire when the next game day starts at 5pm and cannot subsequently be used.
    • The aim of the game is to collect enough of a certain tile to trigger one of the prizes available in the game.
    • Prizes are in the form of a stated number of free spins, or a cash prize.
    • If you win a cash prize, then this amount is added to your withdrawable balance. There is no wagering requirement for this prize.
    • If you win the stated number of Free Spins you have seven days within which to claim and use them.
    • All Free Spins are valued at £0.20 per spin and must be played on the Mercenary X slot.
    • Any winnings generated from your Free Spins are paid into your withdrawable cash balance with no wagering requirement.
    • Each Monday at 4.59pm that weeks game will end. The grid will be reset and a new game week will begin.

    Unleash a Mercenary FAQs

    • Is Unleash A Mercenary Genuinely Free To Play?

    Yes. You don’t need to have wagered to play the game. Simply to have an eligible bet365 account and to have deposited into that account previously.

    • Can I Pick Which Slot To Use My Free Spins On?

    No. All Free Spins must be played on the Mercenary X game.

    • Is There Any Wagering Requirement on Free Spins Winnings Or Cash Prizes?

    No. All Free Spins and Cash Prizes are free from any wagering requirement. Any cash you win directly, or through Free Spins, is yours to do with as you wish.

    • Am I Guaranteed To Win A Prize on Unleash A Mercenary?

    No. There are no guaranteed prizes on the game. However, if you ensure you get your three tiles selected each day, then you increase your chances of landing a prize.

    • If I Forget to Make My 3 Picks On One Day, Can I Make Double Picks The Next?

    No, picks must be made during the 24-hour period they are slated to be available. Your picks cannot be carried forward and used on another day.

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    And now you can add Bet365 Games Unleash A Mercenary promo to that list! Check it out now!