WSOP Customer Support

Las Vegas, NV – According to several disgruntled patrons, the latest move by the WSOP has many players literally up in arms!

Apparently when dialing the new customer service phone number callers are placed on hold for 15 minutes, then transferred to another department, then placed on hold for 10 more minutes, before an automated voice simply says “Deal with it” and hangs up.

Players head to Twitter to voice fustrations

Players may then Press 2 to answer a brief survey.

With the World Series of Poker taking place solely online this summer, many had hoped the WSOP would take this opportunity to turn their customer service around. But apparently this simply hasn’t been the case.

Many players took to social media to voice their displeasure with the new service.

Ari Engel tweeted, “Absolutely unacceptable WSOP. I was planning on playing every event this summer. And I still will. But now I’m angry about it.”

Ryan Laplante
asked, “Jack Effel, how can you defend this? How can I be automatically put on hold for 15 minutes?”

Jack Effel then responded, “Look if you’re holding for 10 minutes, you’re holding for 15.”

And when asked for his thoughts during a phone interview Phil Hellmuth told BonusCodePoker, “Oh baby, on hold for 15 minutes! 15! Just like how many bracelets I have, baby! AND I’ve never once cheated on my-” before we hung up on him.

WSOP addresses backlash

Finally in response to the outcry on social media, poker forums, and parents’ basements the world over, the WSOP has responded by changing the voicemail to a new automated system.

Now instead when players call in, a new voicemail will give the following options to enter on your keypad:

“Press 1 to be disconnected immediately.”

“Press 2 to be told ‘Dems da breaks’ and be disconnected immediately.”

“Press 3 to listen to Allen Kessler discuss blind structures.”

“Press 4 to increase our rake permanently.”

“Press 5 to hear Mike Matusow babble incoherently for 11 straight hours.”

“Press 6 to purchase a portable cell phone charger.”

“Press 7 to hear Prahlad Friedman rap about vegetables.”

“Press 8. We dare you.”

“To repeat the following menu, please press star.”

WSOP Online continues through September

Despite this underwhelming change, the WSOP online has been an absolute hit this summer.

Several players that you have NEVER heard of have already taken home bracelets, and several more will surely follow.

Bracelet events will continue online in the U.S. on until the end of July. They will then move over to GGPoker for global bracelet events because the WSOP software can’t really handle large volume since it was just built by one programmer doing his best.

The Main Event will be a $5k buy-in with a $25 million guarantee and unlimited starting flights.

And the final event was supposed to be a charity event, but now it’s just a charity event for Caesars. It’s just rake. It’s all rake. There’s no real tournament. It’s a $0 + $100 tournament. Caesars needs money.

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