10 Fantastical Tips For Better Bet365 Fantasy Gaming!

By Staff
May 1, 2024

I have been writing about bet365 for many years. Several years ago, I wrote an article about what I’d love to see as a future development at bet365. In amongst a number of optimistic predictions was the hope that we would eventually see a bet365 Fantasy sports section on the site.

Fast-forward a few years and lo-and-behold; bet365 Fantasy became a reality!

And it was much better than I could have hoped for!

So now that the bet365 Fantasy site is well-established, let’s revisit it but with the benefit of plenty of experience of playing games there.

So much so, I’m going to give you ten fantastic tips! All designed to help you improve your chances of picking winning fantasy teams at bet365 Fantasy!

Do I Need a bet365 Fantasy Account?

You don’t need a specific bet365 Fantasy account to play any of the games on the site. You can use your existing bet365 account to play.

But if you have not yet signed up (and why not?!) then check out the latest bet365 Sport Welcome Bonus. This will furnish you with a few additional bet365 credits once you sign up and start betting!

So, once you are logged in, head on over to bet365 Fantasy in the tabs at the top of the page.

Then get ready to enter the world of fantasy sports, where your knowledge, skill, judgement, and a little good fortune could see you win some good value cash prizes!

Let’s now give you my 10 fantastical tips to get you started in the world of fantasy sports gaming at bet365!

10 Fantastical Tips for Better bet365 Fantasy Gaming!

Enter Free bet365 Fantasy Games Before You Start Wagering.

The best way to learn about bet365 Fantasy games is to play them for yourself. Some games offer you the chance to do that, completely free. These are the games to target every time that they are available.

A great example of this is the bet365 Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll fantasy game, which is based on a selection of matches from the weekend’s Premier League games.

You can win prizes of tickets into cash entry Fantasy Games and this game gives you the exact same rules as the games you pay to enter – all for free!

Start Playing bet365 Fantasy Games at Lower Stakes First.

If you have got to grips with playing free Fantasy Games at bet365, then next try your hand at a lower price Fantasy game. Ideally one similar to the fantasy games you have been playing for free.

Don’t be tempted into the bigger money games just yet. There is an art to fantasy sports and there are people who have been playing these games for many years.

So just as you wouldn’t learn how to play poker, then jump onto a table where it’s a £50,000 buy in, don’t be tempted to bet more than your fantasy skills can cope with!

Always Check the Rules of the Game.

It is easy to assume that one fantasy game at bet365 will be the same as another, especially if the game seems to be very similar to one that you have already played.

However, that is not always the case and sometimes, fantasy games can differ in several ways. So, what may be a good fantasy selection for one game, may not be quite so good in another.

Slight differences in points awarded, points deductions, bonuses for captains and whether a team should be balanced towards one type of player more so than another can have a big impact. Both on your fantasy team’s performance and your chances of a win.

Check how Fantasy Points are Awarded & Deducted in the Game Carefully.

The key element for fantasy game success is understanding how points are awarded (and deducted) and then building a team to maximise that. Different fantasy games will have different points systems for that game.

As such, it is imperative to understand how points are awarded. This is because you can then use this information when making your selections for your team.

Equally important is to check for any rules which can mean points deductions for players. Such as defenders or goalkeepers conceding goals, players being booked or sent off. Or even if there is a penalty for selecting a certain number of one type of player (especially from just one team).

Understanding how the points are awarded and deducted is half the skill of fantasy gaming.

Use Autocomplete if you don’t have much Time to Play.

If you don’t enter a fantasy team into an event, particularly a free fantasy game, then you can’t win. So, it is better to enter any team, rather than not enter.

Fortunately, bet365 Fantasy has come up with a perfect time-saver – the Autocomplete button.

Clicking on this will pick you a relatively strong and legal fantasy team which you can then immediately enter into the tournament. Or you can edit the team if you don’t like the picks. Or click the button again to generate another team.

Peruse all the Selection Options Available & Their Prices Before Picking Your Team.

Bet365 Fantasy

Autocomplete is useful if you don’t have much time. However, best results are usually achieved when you pick your own team.

A good fantasy team is not about picking your favourite players. It is about predicting which of the players will score the most fantasy points in a given week. So, check out the list of players available before you make your selections.

You can look for very useful players that tend to score highly. For example, a defender that takes penalties or free kicks (such as Kieran Trippier or Trent Alexander-Arnold) can score well, especially if they play on a team that does not concede many goals.

Additionally, you can look for players that don’t score well in fantasy. Defensive midfielders are a common example here, as what they tend to do in a game doesn’t translate into many fantasy points usually.

Research the Game(s) or Competitors That the Fantasy Game is Focused on.

As important as the players, are the fixtures that they will be playing in. In fact, I’d argue fixtures are more important than players. I personally pick my fantasy team based on what I feel are positive fixture match-ups rather than individual players.

For example, if Manchester City are playing Arsenal, then this game usually does not see too many goals. As such, the higher priced attacking players for these two teams, I would avoid. I’d be more likely to pick a defender from one team, or both, than an attacker here.

But if we had a game where say Newcastle United were taking on Sheffield United, even though Newcastle’s league position and stats are poorer than Man City or Arsenal, they have a much more favourable match-up from a fantasy perspective. So I’d look at putting an attacking and goalscoring Newcastle player in my team.

Select your Captain (or similar) carefully.

A captain can score you double points on his score for the week. As such, it is imperative you make the right selection as captain.

Whether or not the player is a captain in real life is immaterial. What you want to look for is picking the player who will score the most points. Get this right and you can massively boost your score for the week and give yourself a better chance of a prize.

Check the Fantasy Section at the Start of Major Sports Seasons (Soccer, NFL etc).

Check out our 10 tips for bet365 Fantasy game players. Pick better teams and give yourself more chance of landing a prize!
Football Player with a Blue uniform in front of lights

While many fantasy games are available over a short period, say a few days or so, some are much longer. These games tend to start at the start of major sporting seasons.

Bet365 have a freeroll that runs for the entire football season in the Premier League which, at the time of writing, is coming to an end. In the couple of weeks leading up to the start of the season in August, check bet365 Fantasy to see if this tournament is running once again.

These season-long tournaments are more involved and involve the use of transfers and picking your team each week. They tend to have much higher value prize pools too.

Use Your Transfers Wisely in Long Term Fantasy Games.

Finally, if you are playing in a longer-term bet365 Fantasy game, then your transfers are key in landing yourself a chance of a payout.

Over the course of the season selections will get injured, be sold, be suspended, lose form, gain form or be transferred. All these things can impact the points-earning potential of your team.

You usually get one free transfer per week (plus a couple of other features per season) in order to allow your team to remain competitive. Using the transfer system in these games is key to maximising your points haul.

Fantasy gaming is a fantastic option at bet365 Fantasy, so why not give it a try right now with any of the free options available?

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