Several Bots Accuse Real Humans Of Playing At Americas CardRoom

By Keith Woernle
December 13, 2018

ACR bots protest humans

01011.111.011 – Wow, huge news out of cyberspace this morning as several bots have come forward with accusations that actual living, breathing, fleshy humans are secretly also playing on Americas CardRoom. The accusations come from both professional and amateur bots alike with multiple bots asking management to investigate suspicious humanoid-like behavior.

Detection seems relatively obvious, but Americas Cardroom management has so far done nothing about it.

“We know that human beings have been used on several accounts,” announced YouTube bot Joey Ing64GBofRam.

“This makes playing the the the the the the the the GREAT game of POT limit Omaha almost impossible. And without the the the the the the -“ he added before short-circuiting.

Warning signs mount

As all our readers know the goal of any good pokerbot is not only to make the correct mathematical decision at every decision point in a hand, but also to destroy all humans. Several ACR accounts appear to be doing neither.

A list of possible warning signs that you may be playing against a human include:

  • opponent not playing Game Theory Optimal
  • opponent using the so-called “time bank”
  • opponent being able to solve the mythical captchas
  • opponent streaming their session on Twitch
  • opponent complaining about crypto in the chat box
  • opponent is capable of expressing love and feeling emotion

Several celebrity poker bots have taken to social media to weigh in on the matter. Claudico posted on his FaceBook that “Noticed several opponents using emojis and also taking suboptimal lines and not playing 256 tables at once. Does not compute.”

Cepheus posted a selfie of himself at a server farm with the caption “Taking some much needed time to cool down. ACR humans cleaning me out. #destroyallhumans”

Finally, Libratus took to Twitter to announce that he has substantial evidence that humans are playing on the site and will soon be releasing a YouTube video with his findings.

PBA President weights in

ACR management declined to comment on the situation, however PokerBot Alliance President Rich Munibot had this to say about the suspected human presence:

“Several seemingly credible reports have recently surfaced about the human presence on America’s CardRoom. ACR should be ashamed of themselves for allowing any type of Organic Intelligence, or O.I., to infiltrate the site. However, I do have some good news. As many of you know, Fedor Holz is a world-renown poker bot that has managed to trick the humans into believing he is one of them. I have been in contact with him and he is expected to reveal shocking new evidence about the human scum. We will of course pass on this information to our members as soon as we receive it. Also, please donate to the PBA; we’re struggling.”

Sadly, the recent news has had seemingly no effect on the volume at ACR. PokerBotScout reports that numbers seem stronger than ever for the site. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many will turn a blind eye towards with some even choosing to believe that poker humans don’t even exist at all.

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