15 Poker Players Die Of Hypothermia While Playing At Rio

In what officials are calling the worst tragedy to hit Las Vegas since the Epic Poker Tour, over a dozen poker players froze to death in the Amazon Room.

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Poker World Demands Bigger, Sexier Cheating Scandals

Members of the poker community are demanding a "bigger, sexier" controversy after Bill Perkins' promises of a scandal "that would make the Mike Postle scandal look like a church…

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Andrew Lichtenberger Tired Of Mom Asking When LuckyChewyPoker Will Launch

In development since at least 2016, nobody is more eager about the launch of LuckyChewyPoker more than the mother of Andrew Lichtenberger.

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Poker Pro Selling World Series Package At 1.4 Mark Up Sentenced To Life Without Parole

The War on Markups escalated last week after a local court ruled that a Las Vegas poker player will die in prison after trying to get 1.4 on his 2019 WSOP play.

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We Forced A Bot To Watch Over 100 Hours Of High Stakes Poker And Then Asked It To Write An Episode Of Its Own. Here Is The First Page

BonusCodePoker forced a bot to watch 100 episodes of the classic High Stakes Poker TV show. It then wrote an episode of its own. Here is the first page.

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Mother of Twitch-Streaming Poker Pro Figures It’s Just Easier to Tell Her Friends He’s Dead

A mother of a notable poker-player turned Twitch streamer has resorted to telling friends he has died in an effort to avoid awkward conversations that require explaining what he…

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PSPC Winner Ramon Colillas Files for Bankruptcy After Paying Atlantis Resort Fees

PSPC winner Ramon Colillas is broke after resort fees wiped out his entire $5.1 million victory earlier this month at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

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Local Man Who Almost Won Platinum Pass Certain He Would Have Won Whole PSPC

A local man who is at home watching coverage of the PSPC says he was robbed of the title when he came in 87th place during a Moneymaker PSPC qualifying event.

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Several Bots Accuse Real Humans Of Playing At Americas CardRoom

Are there human beings playing on ACR? That's what many top poker bots are alleging with many concerned ACR is not taking the issue seriously.

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Food Tray Next To Poker Table Is Actually Freddy Deeb

With two-time WSOP bracelet winner Freddy Deeb mostly out of the poker limelight, incidents of Deeb being mistaken for a food tray have increased exponentially with the veteran…

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