Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme Overview 2016

By Nikki Hanlon
May 25, 2022

At Bet365 Poker, players earn extra value for their loyalty through a rich and comprehensive VIP Scheme. Here, we break down what you need to know to make the most of this program.

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Merit Points

The currency of the Bet355 Poker VIP Scheme is Merit Points. Players earn Merit Points every time they play at a real money cash game or tournament at the site, be it a sit ‘n’ go, a scheduled multi-table tournament, or even a satellite.

All the Merit Points you earn are credited to your account balance so you can use them to gain access to all the various benefits they afford you.

How do I check my Merit Points balance?

Players can check on the amount of Merit Points they currently have at any point in time by going to their poker lobby and clicking to the My Account section.

You can also see the amount you’ve earned so far at any cash tables in the upper left corner of the screen.

Earning Merit Points playing poker at bet365

  • The rate at which you earn Merit Points is the same regardless of whether you’re playing in tournaments or cash games.
  • You earn 15 Merit Points for every 1 pound or 1 euro that you pay in tournament fees or cash game rake.
  • The rake is the portion of the pot the house takes out at the end of each hand as payment for having hosted the hand.
  • Each player in the hand contributes to this rake proportionately to the amount they’ve bet in the hand.
  • Whether you win or lose the hand doesn’t affect your contribution to the rake, therefore it doesn’t affect the amount of Merit Points you earn in the hand either.

Status in the bet365 VIP Program

As soon as you earn your very first Merit Point you attain VIP status in the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme.

There are four VIP levels and players can move up and down through these levels, based on the amount of their monthly play at the site.

  • You’ll attain Bronze status for earning 1,000 Merit Points for 3 consecutive months.
  • You’ll attain Silver status for earning 5,000 Merit Points per month for 3 consecutive months.
  • You’ll earn Gold status for earning 10,000 Merit Points per month for 3 consecutive months.
  • And you’ll earn Platinum status for earning 25,000 Merit Points per month for 3 consecutive months.

Merit Points are totaled monthly and player status for one month is determined by the amount of Merit Points earned in the previous month.

The higher your status in the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme, the greater the rewards to which you’re entitled.

Bet365 VIP Rewards

There are four types of rewards you can earn in the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme: Cash Rewards, Bonus Rewards, Tournament Token Rewards, and Loyalty Rewards.

Bet365 VIP: Cash Rewards

Cash rewards are attained for eligible players earning a certain number of Merit Points in a given month. To be eligible for a cash reward, a player must have maintained status in that level for at least 3 months leading up to the month for which they’re trying to claim the reward.

Rewards range from €75 to €3,750 for earning 7,500 to 375,000 points, respectively. Each points milestone falls under its appropriate status – for example: the reward for 200,000 merit points is for Gold players while the reward for 50,000 Merit Points is for Silver players.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Cash Reward AmountStatus Level RequiredMerit PointsRake RequiredCash Rakeback Value

Bet365 VIP: Bonus Rewards

If you play enough on Bet365 that you can clear a bonus, you can earn effectively twice as much value from spending your Merit Points on bonus rewards compared to cash rewards. As an example, for 7,500 Merit Points you can choose between €75 in cash or a bonus worth €150.

If you don’t play enough poker to clear at least half of the bonus, you’re better off taking the cash. Otherwise, taking the bonus reward is the highest value way to spend your Merit Points at Bet365. Here’s a chart of available bonus rewards:

Bonus Reward AmountStatus Level RequiredMerit PointsRake RequiredBonus Rakeback Value

Bet365 VIP: Tournament Tokens

Tournament token rewards, like cash rewards, are open to all players of all status levels, with the same eligibility requirement of maintaining a status for at least 3 months leading up to the month for which you wish to claim the reward.

Tournament token rewards range from €50 to €200.

Here’s a breakdown of the value of tournament rewards offered by the bet365 VIP Program:

Tournament Token RewardStatus Level RequiredMerit PointsRake RequiredToken Rakeback Value

Bet365 VIP: Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are additional rewards above and beyond the cash rewards going out to Platinum VIP players who maintain that status for 6 months or longer.

Each 6 month period spent at Platinum status is worth €500 as a cash reward. You can claim the €500 Loyalty Reward every 6 months, assuming you maintain Platinum Status for that entire span of time.

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