There are a lot of important questions in poker, and this is one of them. Or one that is also a question, anyway.

Is Beth Shak hot? Or is she poker hot? Or just not? We explore each option below.

#1 Ok, Yes, Beth Shak is Pretty Hot

Pretty darn hot.


Beth Shak Pretty Darn Hot
Source: WPTMag

Kind of cheating with slutty halloween costume, but still hot.
Shak Cleaning Up

#2 Oh Wait, Maybe She’s Just Poker Hot

There appears to me more than just a touch of crazy in those eyes.

Beth Shak Crazy Eyes
Source: FullTiltPoker

Those are some very, very large … eyebrows.

Shak's big ol' eyebrows
Via: CardPlayer

How did they decide where the patch should go?

Poker Player Beth Shak
Source: CardPlayer.

#3 Hold On, Isn’t That Sandra Bernhard?

I think it might be.

Beth Shak Wide Angle
Source: PokerPages

It is!

Beth not as hot
Source: FullTiltPoker

No, no – it’s one of those Real Housewives. Maybe of Trenton or something.

Beth Shak: Real Houswives Potential?
Source: FlipChip

The lights of the Amazon Room are unforgiving things.

Source: Poker News Beth Shak Gallery

Conclusion: Beth Shak is Plenty Hot

Let’s just /discussion with this.

Beth Shak Wins
Via: Blogspot