Libratus Poker Names Self Poker Bot of the Year

Ceremony for dueling poker bot to be held at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh informed the community this week that poker bot “Libratus” has named itself “Sim of The Year” at heads-up poker competition.

Following 15 million core hours of computation, Libratus released a statement through its extended family acknowledging its claim to the newly-created award.

“I, Libratus am the best heads-up No Limit Hold’em player in the universe. Libratus is the 2017 Sim of The Year.”

The artificial intelligence program defeated its human competition this past January to set the true standard for nuanced meta-game theory in the one-on-one poker format. Dong Kim, Jason Les, Jimmy Chou and Daniel McAulay have each RSVP’d their attendance to the upcoming Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) ceremony to pay tribute in new play-money cryptocurrency LibratusCoin.

The human heads-up foursome were unsuccessful earlier this year versus the software developed by Carnegie-Mellon University professor Tuomas Sandholm and PH.D. student Noam Brown.

“Cold Casual” dress code encouraged

Libratus will receive the “Sim of The Year” award accompanied by its custom-made air conditioning system complete with industrial grade cooling towers for peak performance.

Fans are invited to dress accordingly, with one source telling a BCP reporter that room temperature for the festivities will be “well below” the typical climate of a major casino poker room. Hoodies are specifically allowed along with cold weather poker swag.

“HU4ROLZ” winner take all

Human poker players wanting to put their Libratus Dollars on the line are advised that the software program has a proven track record over trillions of simulations in the heads-up poker format.

Nonetheless, players who fancy a duel with the poker bot can compete in the play-money virtual currency of their choice.

“In the end, Libratus will take it all,” promises the Brains vs. AI Heads-Up Poker Challenge winner.