Las Vegas, NV – Controversy struck the high-stakes poker world this week, as the World Series of Poker unexpectedly introduced a $50,000 buy-in bracelet event after the start of the series.

Participants in the annual $25K Fantasy league were sent into a frenzy – names were called, fist fights broke out, and three players were murdered… or maybe there were just some angry tweets. To help add some clarity to the situation, a poll was posted:

The poll was of no help at all.

We reached out to Daniel Negreanu to ask how the league should handle the situation:

BonusCodePoker: Do you think the $50K buy-in should be an event that counts towards the fantasy standings?

Daniel Negreanu: I think a $50K buy-in isn’t nearly enough, so the WSOP should introduce a $5 million buy-in open event.

BonusCodePoker: Isn’t enough for… what?

Daniel Negreanu: Well have you seen how my team is doing?

Current league standings are as follows (courtesy of


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