The World Series of Poker is nearly upon us, but unlike in prior years, the entire schedule is currently set to take place online.

In light of the new WSOP format, BonusCodePoker has been investigating changes that poker fans can expect this summer, including tournament upgrades to help emulate the real WSOP experience as well as confirming that Doyle Brunson is likely to play… if he fixes his computer in time.

A favorite WSOP tradition of fans everywhere is Phil Hellmuth’s entrance… OK, maybe it’s just a favorite for Phil.

Nostalgic for years past, Hellmuth has decided to recreate arguably his most iconic entrance outfit for the walk from his bedroom to his computer chair.

Phil Hellmuth WSOP 2020 Entrance

Critics ask “But…why?

We asked Hellmuth why he’s dressing up without a crowd to witness it.

“If I’m honest, dressing up was always more about the cosplay than seeking attention. I mean, I’ve never really wanted all of the attention. When I crashed that race car or dressed as General Patton, people think it was for the publicity – but really it was just me being me. I’m feeling the Roman Emperor thing again this year. Classic me.”

We also asked if he’s planning on registering late, as he would in a typical year.

“Oh yeah, it’ll take a while to get the freakin’ thing off. The costume, I mean. There’s been a lot of talk over the years about the strategy that goes into showing up late, but the biggest reason I’m always late registering is that I always wear a costume before every tournament I play — even if it’s just at home psyching myself up to be the greatest goddamn player ever. I just happen to show it off publicly for the WSOP. Have I mentioned my 16 bracelets?”

We pointed out that he has 15.

“I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking.”

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