Phil Hellmuth WSOP Rant

Las Vegas, NVPhil Hellmuth had a rant for the ages on Tuesday night during the final table of the $10,000 Stud Championship when he promised he would “burn this place down if I don’t win this tournament” during a particularly bad run of cards.

Phil Hellmuth did not go on to win the tournament and has yet to clarify when the Rio will be burned down. However, BonusCodePoker can exclusively confirm that the Rio is still standing at the time of this writing.

After outcry due to his behavior dominated headlines on Wednesday, Hellmuth relented and “apologized” for the incident.

“Look, I’m the poker brat. People who can’t even spell poker eat this stuff up. But yes, I understand some snowflakes out there weren’t on board with my comedic genius, so I apologize to all the worthless sh*t-eating assholes at the final table. #POSITIVITY and please buy my new book.”

In off-the-record comments shortly after the apology, Hellmuth was overheard asking “did you see those PokerGo ratings last night?” When confronted that his apology might have been lacking in a few key areas, Hellmuth remained defensive. “The Rio is around 80% concrete. I couldn’t burn it down even if I tried. Believe me, the poker brat has researched it. Unbelievable.”

Hellmuth gets the last laugh

While Hellmuth has yet to burn down the Rio and many will agree he took a blow to his ego in apologizing, Hellmuth may still have had the last laugh.

BonusCodePoker was able to obtain exclusive footage that shows a man fitting Hellmuth’s general likeness defecating on the featured table the following morning, before ripping up the cards that were used during the tournament.

While we can’t definitively say whether it is Hellmuth that it is shown in the footage, we were able to make out a voice faintly saying “this is good for poker” as he completed the act.

phil hellmuth wsop security cam2

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