Bad Beat Stories: Duration and Veracity

The person who takes the worst part of a bad beat is always the person who has to listen to the story of someone else's bad…


A True Fact About Sunday Online Poker MTT Sessions

It's time we brought the issue of VAM (violence against monitors) out of the shadows.


Accurate* representation of TwoPlusTwo user avatars

I could be a little off one way or the other, but otherwise I'm standing by my numbers.


No Limit Holdem vs Pot Limit Omaha

People are always asking me what the difference between PLO and NLHE is.


Why poker players lose

Of course, this applies to all poker players besides you.

Matusow's law

In honor of Mike Matusow’s recent NBCHUPC win …

... we present Matusow's Law.

What I learned from the Lock Poker cashout thread on TwoPlusTwo

The Lock Poker cashout thread on TwoPlusTwo is not, generally speaking, a happy place.

I do not understand IveyPoker

IveyPoker has more pros than there are continents. Think about that.