Mike McDonald Free Throw

Chicago, IL – Breaking news out of the Bulls front office this morning as General Manager Marc Eversley has announced the team has signed poker pro Mike McDonald to a 5-year contract worth a reported 65 million dollars.

McDonald rose to fame by becoming the youngest winner in European Poker Tour history and by being able to stare at his opponents without blinking for 16 straight days.

An unlikely rise to the NBA

“Mike wasn’t really on our radar until his free throw video surfaced,” noted Eversley during this morning’s press conference. “I saw him make 90% of his free throws, and I knew that alone would make him one of the best players on our team.”

McDonald plans to join the team this winter during the offseason and is looking forward to the new challenges basketball will bring. “Playing pro basketball has always been a dream of mine ever since this afternoon when I found out I would be playing pro basketball,” commented McDonald.

Reaction to the breaking of the poker-pro-to-NBA glass ceiling

Several in the poker sphere took to social media to express their shock and awe over the signing.

“I can’t wait for the Bulls to play my Warriors, baby! I’ll have my child’s medium jersey ironed and ready to go!” said Phil Hellmuth.

“I am deeply offended by Mike playing basketball. Here’s a list of 150 reasons why,” commented Justin Bonomo.

“Everyone who’s upset by this knows exactly who to blame: Daniel Negreanu,” added Doug Polk.

Later, McDonald also reached out to fans and thanked them for their support noting, “I’ve already set lines on myself for my stats this year and on how the Bulls will perform during the next season. You can find all those odds over on my site PokerShares.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver then fined McDonald exactly 65 million for betting on the NBA.

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