Every year before the World Series of Poker, the poker world has many of the same discussions: Which young online pros just turned 21? Who will go for the most points in Daniel Negreanu’s 25K fantasy league? Will the Rio have an(other) outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease or will there be any dead poker players from hypothermia?

And of course, will poker legend Doyle Brunson be playing this year?

With the WSOP’s upcoming online-only schedule, many of these topics are irrelevant – but we decided to look into whether or not Doyle is likely to play now that he can do so from the comfort of his home.

Texas Dolly is, at a minimum, open to online play:

Doyle Brunson Tweet

…although there does appear to be an obstacle in the way.

Is this really a Doyle Brunson Tweet?

It does appear, however, that Doyle is actively seeking a solution.

Doyle Brunson online poker

At a minimum, if he’s unable to get WSOP.com working quickly enough, he’ll be able to watch his friends play… or possibly not.

Doyle Brunson PokerGo

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