Are you looking for some great poker strategy podcasts? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

When you’re a fan of poker, it’s likely that you have a couple of good books about poker on your shelf already. It’s likely you watch the odd poker themed movie too. You might place in real life casinos, against your friends in home games or online poker rooms (bet365 Poker bonus code here for new players, if you’re interested).

But if you’re looking to kill time on your commute or simply listen to something when you’re cleaning up around the house, nothing quite beats a poker strategy podcast. Not only are they engaging, but they can help you up your game on the felt.

Sure, sometimes people make fun of the popularity of podcasts, but we’re going to hold up our hands and say we love ’em.

So let’s dive right in and dissect our favorites.

Poker strategy podcasts

1. Chasing Poker Greatness

Chasing Poker Greatness is a poker strategy podcast that attacks the subject from interesting angles. It’s got an interview show, where guests who are also truly brilliant players talk about the lessons they’ve learned from their career highs and lows. Then, there a few spin off shows that deal with the big questions of poker and nuts and bolts strategy too. Frequently released and very comprehensive, this is a great podcast for anyone who always needs something new to listen to.

  • Host: Brad Wilson
  • Typical duration: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
  • Release frequency: Up to three times a week
  • Example of subjects covered: Poker entertainment industry, hand history reviews and online poker history
  • Past guests: Lara Eisenberg, Eric Froehlich, Adam Levy, Benjamin Rolle and Terrence Chan

2. Thinking Poker

Can’t get enough of poker interviews? Well, Thinking Poker is a fantastic shout in that case. Usually fans of poker know who a lot of the main players are. But Thinking Poker goes a little deeper and also talks to the people who play a more background, but arguably even more important, role in the poker industry. This gives you an even better insight into who calls the shots in the world of poker.

  • Hosts: Andrew Brokos and Carlos Welch
  • Typical duration: 1-1.5 horus
  • Release frequency: Up to twice a month
  • Example of subjects covered: River bets, aces, new poker variants and deductive logic
  • Past guests: Brad Wilson (from Chasing Poker Greatness), Ed Miller, Kathy Liebert. Keith Dunlop and Matt Clark

3. Red Chip Poker

This is one of those poker strategy podcasts that’s a real must if you’ve been playing a while, understand the game pretty well but want to find some creative inspiration for future plays. If that sounds like you, give Red Chip Poker a shot.

  • Typical duration: 25 minutes
  • Release frequency: Every two to three weeks
  • Example of subjects covered: Bankroll management, winrate, preflop trends and c-betting

4. Smart Poker Study

Extremely easy to fit into your routine, Smart Poker Study gives you the basics you need to know in a very easily digestible format. Simple, to the point, easy to understand. Great for those who are just starting to dip their toe into the world of poker strategy.

  • Host: Sky Matsuhashi
  • Typical duration: 15 minutes
  • Release frequency: Weekly
  • Example of subjects covered: Fishy players, tilt control, post-flop planning, poker satellites and recording stats
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