Sometimes we need to take a break from delivering debatably hilarious fake poker news and deliver not hilarious but awesome poker promotion news from our friends at Bet365 Poker.

Winter Warrior at Bet365‘tis the season to win money…

It’s fair to say that 2016 has given us a lot of reasons to be keen for the year to end.

So, as we enter the final month of the year, Bet365 Poker have given us a hundred thousand reasons to enjoy December.

The €100,000 Winter Warrior promotion is a series of daily and weekly challenges with six figures up for grabs.

It’s easy to take part, it’s easy to win and it’s easier still to give your 2016 bankroll an eleventh-hour boost.

How does this Winter Warrior thing work?

You should be pretty familiar with the Missions tab in the Bet365 Poker lobby by now, but if you’re new to the site then it’s pretty easy to find. Just click it, select the missions, press start and complete them.

You can complete up to one Mini Warrior Mission each day and two Pro Warrior Missions each week. These will award entry to all-in shootout freerolls that give away €12,000 each week.

Mini Warrior Missions

There are two available Mini Warrior Missions per day, of which you can complete one. Each one you complete will award you entry to a €1,000 freeroll giving away tournament tickets.

Mini Warrior Missions are easy; you’ll just have to play a certain number of Twister Poker games or be dealt certain hands at cash game tables. You can check the Bet365 Poker client for the full lowdown.

Pro Warrior Missions

Each week, the Pro Warrior Missions award tickets to €5,000 freerolls that take place each Sunday. On the final week of the promotion, the Pro Warrior Freeroll awards a huge €20,000 prize pool.

Despite this boosted prize pool, Pro Warrior Missions are even easier. Each week, the Pro Warrior Missions (of which you can complete both) are to deposit or transfer €20 to your poker account and play three Mini Warrior Freerolls.

Anything else?

Sure is! Last, but most certainly not least, is the Elite Warrior Milestone system that awards an additional 10% rakeback on top of anything else you earn from Bet365 Poker’s generous VIP program:

  • Rake €500 to receive €50
  • Rake €1,000 to receive €100
  • Rake €1,500 to receive €150
  • Rake €2,500 to receive €250
  • Rake €4,000 to receive €400
  • Rake €6,500 to receive €650
  • Rake €10,000 to receive €1,000