The Top 10 Reasons The Attorney For Mike Postle Wanted To Quit

"Lowe has been compelled to file motions seeking to change the hearing venue to the Stones Livestream room."

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Sam Grizzle Gains Automatic Entry Into Heaven for Punching Out Phil Hellmuth

Sam Grizzle was warmly welcomed into heaven this week for the honorable act of punching Phil Hellmuth in the face during his lifetime.

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Hellmuth Offers To Mediate Negreanu-Polk Spat

Will Phil Hellmuth and his Zen-like presence be enough to successfully mediate the ongoing feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk?

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Book Review: No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players – For Tough Games By Matthew Janda, Or, Why I’m Too Stupid To Play Poker Anymore

I can't even: A brutally honest personal review of Matthew Janda's "No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players" and why I realize I might be too simple-minded to play poker in 2019.

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Mike Postle To Unveil Phone Carrier for Crotch-based Usage

Recognizing a huge void in the live streaming cheating market, Mike Postle is set to introduce the "Crotch Cradle" phone holder, which boasts effortless viewing of God-Mode…

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Media Going Hossein With WSOP Champion Pun Opportunities

Hossein Ensan and the pun potential of his name are celebrated after poker media writers across the globe go Hossein in the membrane for the limitless headline opportunities.

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Norman Chad Actually Begins Whipping Himself On Camera

WSOP commentator Norman Chad has taken his trademark self deprecating humor to a new level to prove he is having the worse day out of everyone.

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Straight Fire With Bart Shirley: The WSOP Should Be A Shootout

A rant on why the WSOP Main Event should be a shootout event to ensure the world's biggest poker event awards a true "world champion" and not a luckbox.

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Houston Police Chief Plans Raids On Boot Shops And Barbeque Restaurants In War On Texas Things

After raids on two Houston poker card clubs this week, Police Chief Art Acevedo hints that anything quintessentially Texan could be next on the chopping block.

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Pennsylvania Man Looking Forward To Losing Money At Home Now

With the launch of online poker in Pennsylvania less than three months away, a Levittown, PA player is already pondering the perks of this brave new world.

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