The Top 10 Reasons The Attorney For Mike Postle Wanted To Quit

"Lowe has been compelled to file motions seeking to change the hearing venue to the Stones Livestream room."

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Stoyan Madanzhiev Challenges Winner Of Main Event To Title Unification Bout

2020 WSOP Online Main Event winner Stoyan Madanzhiev has a solution to the current Main Event controversy - a UFC-style mixed martial arts title bout for the true 2020 WSOP…

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Day 2 Entry Guaranteed To Any Player Who Can Explain 2020 WSOP Format

WSOP announces a new Main Event in December with a free Day 2 entry to any player that can successfully decode what it means.

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Sam Grizzle Gains Automatic Entry Into Heaven for Punching Out Phil Hellmuth

Sam Grizzle was warmly welcomed into heaven this week for the honorable act of punching Phil Hellmuth in the face during his lifetime.

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2+2 Weeps Over Discovery That GGPoker Is ‘Just Like All the Other Poker Sites’

Some 2+2ers have locked themselves in their rooms with tubs of ice cream and stacks of romantic comedies to cope with the realization.

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Hellmuth Offers To Mediate Negreanu-Polk Spat

Will Phil Hellmuth and his Zen-like presence be enough to successfully mediate the ongoing feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk?

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WSOP “Spare Change” Events To Offer Chance At Bracelet For Less Than $5

In its latest announcement of 2020 events, the WSOP is stirring up mixed reactions by offering "Spare Change" gold bracelet tourneys, allowing players the chance at a bracelet for…

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Reflections On A Missing 8 – An Oral History Of The Great Misread Hand Of 2009

Some say it was just a standard hand of poker while others have notoriously dubbed it the "Great Misread Hand of 2009." Regardless of how you feel about the "Hand Heard Around the…

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Whining Poker Player On Bad Calls He Makes: “That’s Different”

A Houston poker player dubbed a "calling station" defends actions and refuses to apologize after complaining that his opponents never respect his raises.

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Book Review: No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players – For Tough Games By Matthew Janda, Or, Why I’m Too Stupid To Play Poker Anymore

I can't even: A brutally honest personal review of Matthew Janda's "No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players" and why I realize I might be too simple-minded to play poker in 2019.

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