Norman Chad ESPN

Poker commentator Norman Chad took his penchant for self-deprecation to new levels last night. The 60-year-old television personality produced a length of thick rope, removed his suit jacket, and began whipping his own back and shoulders.

After ten or eleven strikes, Chad dropped his rope and turned his back to the camera in order to show the damage.

“See that?” panted Chad. “Zhen Cai isn’t having the worst night of anyone here anymore!”

Cai, of course, busted out of the Main Event in 6th place. The poker player had a frustrating night where many of his raises faced reraises from the opposition.

Of course, Norman Chad had to raise the stakes in order to maintain his status as the resident sad sack. So, he turned to the act of self-flagellation.

Broadcast partner Lon McEachern tried to find the words to persuade Chad to stop his attack on himself. Ultimately, however, he resorted to his trademark chuckle, and moved onto the next hand.

Medical personnel ultimately tended to Chad’s wounds during one of the broadcast commercials. Chad was overheard asking the EMTs if they’d heard how many ex-wives he had.

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Image credit from Melissa Haereiti

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