2022 WSOP Main Event

The 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event is upon us with the WSOP’s biggest and most popular tournament getting underway on July 3rd.

Over the two weeks, thousands of poker players descended upon Bally’s and Paris in the hopes of achieving the dream of all poker players — to win the WSOP Main Event and become the latest WSOP ME champion.

Here we will break down what happened, what the 2022 Main Event looked like as well as some of your WSOP Main Event questions answered.

2022 WSOP Main Event winner is…

Norway’s Espen Jorstad is the latest winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event, where he becomes the first Norwegian to take home poker’s biggest prize.

Here is where things finished at the final table:

FinishPlayerCountryPrizeLifetime Winnings (before win)
1Espen JorstadNorway$10,000,000$271,872
2Adrian AttenboroughAustralia$6,000,000$1,460,049
3Michael DuekArgentina$4,000,000$651,300
4John EamesUnited Kingdom$3,000,000$2,196,078
5Matija DobricCroatia$2,250,000$239,168
6Jeffrey FarnesUnited States$1,750,000$181,550
7Aaron DuczakCanada$1,350,000$223,887
8Philippe SoukiUnited Kingdom$1,075,000$730,812
9Matthew SuUnited States$850,675$49,340
10Asher ConniffUnited States$675,000$2,862,290

2022 WSOP Main Event results

Throughout the 2022 World Series of Poker, poker fans were able to keep up with the latest results from WSOP.com and Twitter. Here is a summary of what happened throughout the Main Event:

DateDay# of Players at beginning of daySurvivorsLeader of day
July 3rdDay 1A900631Cedrric Trevino (317,800)
July 4thDay 1B880634Patrick Hagenlocher (332,800)
July 5thDay 1C18001376Patrick Clarke (397,200)
July 6thDay 1D44813,294Hao Chen (580,100)
July 7thDay 2ABC2,789 (2,641 + 148 new registrations)1,262Gavin Munroe (1,061,500)
July 8thDay 2D3,749 (3,295 + 454 new registrations) 1,731Muhammad Abdel Rahim (936,500)
8,663 total players
July 9thDay 32,9931,299Aaron Mermelstein (2,059,000)
July 10thDay 41,299380Taylor von Kriegenbergh (5,305,000)
July 11thDay 5380123 James Hobbs (12,505,000)
July 12thDay 612335Jeffery Farnes (37,825,000)
July 14thDay 73510Matthew Su and Espen Jorstad (83,200,00)
July 15thDay 8103Espn Jorstad (298,000,000)
July 16thDay 931Espen Jorstad

Full 2022 WSOP Main Event prize pool payouts

The near-record WSOP Main Event turnout paid out the top 1300 players with first place receiving $10 million in guaranteed prizes.

1st$10 million
2nd$6 million
3rd$4 million
4th$3 million

Top chip stacks

After Day 7

An official final table of 10 players is set with the remaining players set to receive at least $675,000 and the top 8 receiving at least $1,075,000.

PositionPlayerChip Count
1Matthew Su83,200,000
1 (tied)Espen Jorstad83,200,000
3Matija Dobric68,650,000
4Aaron Duczak56,000,000
5John Eames 54,950,000
6Adrian Attenborough50,800,000
7Michael Duek49,775,000
8Jeffrey Farnes35,350,000
9Asher Conniff24,400,000
10Philippe Souki13,500,000

After Day 6:

35 players were left after the completion of Day 6 with all players remaining players guaranteed at least $262,300 in prizes.

PositionPlayerChip Count
1Jeffrey Farnes37,825,000
2Brian Kim33,875,000
3Philippe Souki32,475,000
4Karim Rebei31,475,000
5Espen Jorstad31,175,000
6Matiji Dobric29,550,000
7Adrian Attenborough28,625,000
8Andy Taylor23,900,000
9Michael Duek22,575,000
10John Eames22,450,000

After Day 5:

Just 123 players remain with the remaining players guaranteed at least $62,500 in earnings.

PositionPlayerChip Count
1James Hobbs12,505,000
2Efthymia Litsou11,675,000
3Aaron Mermelstein10,680,000
4Alejandro Lococo10,020,000
5Gerald Morrell9,775,000
6Dingxiang Ong9,500,000
7Jorge Hou9,500,000
8Philippe Souki9,425,000
9Robert Minor 9.160,000
10Imran Bjojani8,635,000
27Kenny Tran6,600,000
33Andrew Yeh5,830,000
58Koray Aldemir3,800,000
81Damian Salas2,435,000
93Dan Smith2,030,000

After Day 4:

A total of 380 players remain after the completion of Day 4 with players guaranteed at least $36,000 in prizes.

PositionPlayerChip Count
1Taylor von Kriegenbergh5,305,000
2Dan Colpoys4,835,000
3Johan Schumacher4,600,000
4Aaron Mermelstein4,285,000
5Victor Li4,200,000
6Rafael Mota4,050,000
7Carlos Leiva3,860,000
8Shelby Wells3,840,000
9Jorge Hou3,800,000
10Dingxiang Ong3,630,000
51Damian Salas2,355,000
53Ali Imsirovic2,340,000
93Brian Rast1,795,000
122Andrew Yeh1,560,000
125Ari Engel1,520,000
168Koray Aldemir1,285,000
169Tyler Cornell1,280,000
196Jake Schindler1,090,000
217John Juanda975,000
223Roman Colillas935,000

After Day 3:

With just under 1300 players still alive, the 2022 WSOP Main Event has reached the bubble with the remaining players now guaranteed a payday of at least $15,000. Here are the top chip stacks at the end of Day 3.

PositionPlayerChip Count
1Aaron Mermelstein2,059,000
2Michael Rocco1,866,000
3Gabi Livshitz1,835,000
4Brandon Lulov1,679,000
5Leo Zamarripa1,643,000
6Jake Abdalla1,615,000
7Thi Nguyen1,600,000
8Jordyn Miller1,580,000
9Mathieu His1,565,000
10Ian Armstrong1,563,000
15Martin Zamani1,483,000
44Cliff Josephy1,203,000
60Ali Imsirovic1,128,000
65John Luanda1,097,000
76Massoud Eskandari1,045,000
100Tyler Cornell920,000
117John Esposito895,000
248Jake Schindler649,000
303Brian Rast583,000
330Koray Aldemir537,000

Notable Eliminations

What poker players have hit the rails so far in the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event?

Day 7 – Damian Salas, Joseph Altman, Kenny Tran, Marco Johnson, Aaron Mermelstein

Day 6 – Dan Smith, Zilong Zhang, Muhammed Adel Rahim, Cedrric Trino, James Hobbs, Andrew Yeh, Koray Aldemir

Day 5 – Jake Schindler, Brian Rast, John Juanda, Ali Imsirovic

Day 4 – Mike Matusow, David Peters, Benny Glaser, Robert Mizrachi, Adrian Mateos, Upesha De Silva

Day 3 – Freddy Deeb, Elio Fox, Prahlad Friedman, Cary Katz, Asi Moshe, Brian Hastings, Ben Lamb, Joe McKeehen, Patrick Antonius

Day 2d – Dan “Jungleman” Cates:, Jeremy Ausmus, Doug Polk, Alex Livingston, Vanessa Kade, Joe Hachem, Johnny Chan, Paul Volpe, Phil Laak, Christoph Vogelsang, Barry Greenstein, David Peters, Allen Cunningham, Mikita Badziakouski, Chris Moorman, Nick Schulman, Ben Yu, Kathy Leibert, Nate Silver, John Monnette, Jerry Yang,

Day 2abc – Joe Cada, Stephen Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Martin Jacobson, Qui Nguyen, Andrew Lichtenberger, Kevin Hart, Erik Seidel, Jeffrey Lisandro, Mario Ho, Kevin MacPhee, Scott Bohlman, Jason Koon, Bryce Yockey,

Day 1d – Phil Ivey, Fedor Holz, Brad Owens, Allen Kessler, Landon Tice, Brandon Adams, Patrick Leonard, Marle Spragg, Krank Kassela, Chris Brewer, Shawn Sheikhan, Michael Mizrachi,

Day 1c – Daniel Negreanu, Matt Berkey, Hossein Ensan, Magnus Carlsen, Vivian Saliba, Mike Matusow, Joao Vieira, Stephen Song, Scott Blumstein, Jason Sommerville, Shaun Deeb, Greg Raymer

Day 1b – Alex Foxen, Chance Kornuth, Julien Martini, Robert Cowen, Kristen Foxen, Chad Eveslage, Jeffrey Lisandro, David “Bakes” Baker, Asi Moshe, Matt Glantz, Niall Farrell, David Levy,

Day 1a – Josh Arieh, Johnnie “Vibes” Moreno, Masator Yokosawa. Ana Marquez, Perry Friedman, Barney Boatman, Elio Fox, Dan Ott, Anthony Zinno

How to watch the 2022 WSOP Main Event

PokerGO has been broadcasting WSOP events throughout this summer and showcased the 2022 WSOP Main Event this July.

July 6th7:30 PM ETDay 1d
July 7th7:30 PM ETDay 2abc
July 8th7:30 PM ETDay 2d
July 9th10:45 PM ETDay 3
July 10th3 PM ET, 10:45 PM ETDay 4
July 11th3 PM ET, 10:45 PM ETDay 5
July 12th3 PM ET, 10:45 PM ETDay 6
July 13th3 PM ET, 10:45 PM ETDay 7
July 15th5:30 PM ETFinal Table
July 16th5:30 PM ETFinal Table

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the 2022 WSOP Main Event run?

The 2022 WSOP Main Event rans from July 3rd until July 16th.

Who is the defending WSOP Main Event champion?

Koray Aldemir won the 2021 WSOP Main Event when he beat a field of 6,650 to win the $8 million prize.

How many players were expected to enter the 2022 WSOP Main Event?

2022 is setting up to be a record year at the WSOP Main Event given pent up enthusiasm over the event after two years of COVID. The current record is 8,773 players which happened in 2006 — the year Jamie Gold became champion.

In total, 8,663 players entered the event, just shy of the record and good enough for second best all time.

What is the 2022 WSOP Main Event prize pool?

The prize pool was not announced until after the completion of all four of the Day 1 and Day 2 flights. After the entry numbers were tallied, the prize pool reached $80,782,475 with $10 million to first. In 2006 when the record was broken, $8 million was awarded to Jamie Gold as champion from an $87 million prize pool.

Where was the 2022 WSOP Main Event bubble?

The bubble was not known until all players entered the 2022 WSOP Main Event and prizes were announced. This year the World Series of Poker Main Event will pay the top 1,300 players.

Where was the 2022 WSOP Main Event being held?

Like other 2022 WSOP events, the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event will be at the Paris and Bally’s, located on the Las Vegas strip.